Every picture tells a story, especially when you’re travelling. The people you meet, the places you discover, the memories you create. But one group of guys from Chicago decided to delve deeper into the stories behind the images, and meet all the people they know through Instagram, in person.

“We live in a tech-saturated, disconnected world. But we wanted to show how Instagram contained a culture that was truly connecting on the platform,” said the guys from Neighbourhood Film Co. on their video that capture their journey travelling cross country, staying only with people they knew on Instagram and ‘meeting them for the first time in real life’.

Love the concept. As @KevinKuster says in the video, it’s like meeting your modern day penpal. Like reading beyond the headlines to see the real story that lies beneath, while making some great new friends along the way. Imagine designing a travel itinerary based on your favourite travel grammers and arranging to meet up.

Check out the video from Ricky Staub and the @neighbourhood team as they journey to discover a New Community.

New Community: An Instagram Story from Neighborhood Film Co. on Vimeo.

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