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When you think of the autumn season, you probably imagine falling leaves in the most beautiful colours and the distinct golden yellow trees against the glow of the setting sun.

Through the busy summer season, the travel industry had found it hard to cope with the sudden surge in demand, thus, travellers often risked experiencing cancelled or overbooked flights.

However, when you travel during autumn, not only will you experience fewer crowds, brilliant views and seasonal food, you may even get cheaper flights and better hotel deals. Here we have listed the 9 best destinations you can visit during the fall.

Tuscany, Italy

Tuscany in Italy is a beautiful region to visit during the fall as the temperatures are pleasant, and you can enjoy long drives, hikes and leisurely meals. Florence is very popular among visitors and boasts medieval architecture, cathedrals and statues that are patent to this region, including the Uffizi, Duomo and David by Michelangelo. Since autumn is also the harvest season, you will get to enjoy chestnuts, mushrooms, olives and other local foods in the area. Although each season comes with its own beauty, during the autumn, you can catch a glimpse of the rolling meadows and hills that transform into a vibrant shade of orange with streaks of rust and brown.

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Ontario, Canada

Canada is a vast land with outstanding beauty and vibrant cultures. With its expanse of natural landscapes, verdant forests, serene lakes and impressive mountains, the country is a perfect fall destination for most travellers.

Ontario in Canada has the perfect autumn views for every traveller. The best attractions in Ontario are the Agawa Canyon, Algonquin Provincial Park, Bruce Trail, Prince Edward County, and Niagara Parkway. During the fall, there are several regions where you stand an excellent chance of watching the vast glowing curtains of the northern lights (aurora) dance across the sky. In western Canada, autumn would be the best time to go bear spotting or bird watching.

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Côte d’Azur (The French Riviera)

The French Riviera, also known as Côte d’Azur, has a fantastic Mediterranean climate, with the autumn season being ideal for visiting since the crowds are considerably less. Along the Riviera coast, you will find beaches that are open to the public and free to use as well as luxurious private beaches in Cannes and Nice.

Most visitors enjoy the numerous art museums, some of which are dedicated to the artists themselves, such as the Matisse Museum in Nice and the Picasso Museum in Antibes. Another convincing reason to visit the French Riviera is because of its amazing food, with the Mediterranean cuisine being the most dominant here. If you drive along the coastline, you’ll be able to get some amazing views of the Riviera. You can also access some great viewpoints along the Riviera on foot such as the Castle Hill in Nice and Le Suquet in Cannes.

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It does not matter when you visit Spain, because the country is beautiful every season. If you want to have a laid-back and relaxing vacation, we recommend that you visit Spain in October when the main attractions are not crowded, and accommodations are much cheaper.

To enjoy your vacation to the fullest in the fall, you must visit the countryside for some fun and entertainment at the grape stomping tradition or attend the Barcelona Jazz festival and San Lucas festival in Spain.

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The two major seasons in Egypt are summer and winter, but you can also experience a little bit of spring and autumn with light showers between the two seasons. In Egypt, autumn usually arrives during October and November with pleasant daytime weather.

During the fall months in Egypt, you can get discounted Egypt tours which allow you to enjoy day trips to major tourist destinations like the Pyramids of Giza, Valley of the Kings and Cairo. You can also visit the Fayoum Oasis, which is about two hours from Cairo or go sightseeing in the cities of Luxor or Aswan.

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The Netherlands

Autumn is a beautiful season to experience in the Netherlands, as you can witness the falling leaves in the most beautiful colours and the scent of humid soil across the landscapes. You can visit several islands in the Netherlands during this season because it is less busy and you can also find cheap accommodation deals. The beautiful botanical gardens during the fall are a sight to see with their mesmerizing collection of themed gardens and foliage.

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Vietnam has a tropical monsoon climate; hence finding out the best time to go to Vietnam depends on which parts of the country you plan on visiting. If you wish to go trekking or other outdoor adventure activities in Vietnam, October would be a great month to visit. Explore the charming Mai Chau Valley and its rice fields during the harvest season and also see the minority White Thai villages.

You can also experience Vietnam’s most popular autumn festivals, such as the Do Son Buffalo-fighting festival, Kate festival, Trung Thu, Whale festival, Oc Bom Bom festival, Da Lat Flower festival and Christmas.

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During the fall, the summer crowds are back home, the temperatures are positively comfortable, and the local wine festivals return to Germany. Since the Autumn season is transitional, the climate can change drastically over the weeks. The highlight of the autumn season is Oktoberfest which begins late in September to early October in Munich with many visitors from all over to celebrate the Bavarian culture and cuisine.

Outside of Oktoberfest, fall in Germany is considered the low season, and you can typically get good deals on flights and hotel accommodations.

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The desert country in northwest Africa is known for its Arabian Nights, camel caravans, safaris and souks. Fall in Morocco makes for a great season to enjoy the desert safaris on a budget, attend the unique cultural and artistic festivals and experience Morocco’s heritage in a festive environment. October is the best time for sightseeing in Moroccan cities as you’ll encounter fewer tourists.

You won’t need to reserve everything months ahead of time, which means you can enjoy more flexibility with your travel plans. The best cities to explore in Morocco during the fall are Asilah, Erfoud, Essaouira, Tetouan and Marrakech.

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