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In a remarkable milestone for Islamabad International Airport (IIAP), 2023 witnessed an unprecedented surge in passenger flow, with over 6 million travelers passing through its terminals, as reported by Wego. The airport’s consistent commitment to excellence and efficiency contributed to this record-breaking achievement, solidifying its position as a key player in the aviation industry.


The comprehensive data for the year 2023 reveals that the airport facilitated a staggering total of 31,000 flights. Among these, domestic flights accounted for 11,000, serving 1.5 million passengers, while international flights comprised 20,000, accommodating an impressive 4.5 million travelers.

This surge in passenger traffic not only underscores the airport’s pivotal role in connecting the capital to various domestic and international destinations but also reflects the growing significance of IIAP as a major hub for air travel in the region.