Over 562 days, almost two years, Charline Eberhardt, began a solo world trip that began in her hometown of Paris, stretching and zig-zagging across most of the world.

Back in May, 2014, Wego caught up with Charline as she was part way through her journey which she named From elephants (France) to kangaroos (Australia), visiting Africa, India, Asia, North America and a whole lot more. Capturing stunning photographs of her travels, Charline travelled with a true explorer’s spirit, sharing more images of faces, rather than places, experiencing remote cultures first-hand and making a lot of friends along the way.

Now back in Paris, Charline shared a compilation video of her trip which really highlights just how diverse her experiences were. She’s enjoying her time at home with family and friends, but admits she has some ‘difficult’ days settling back into one place.

“I will definitely go back on the road again at some point,” she admits. For now Charline is building her photography business and hoping for any opportunity to get back on the road with her camera. 

Until she loads up her backpack yet again, enjoy this wonderful video of an extraordinary journey from elephants to kangaroos.