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Updated March 2024

Situated in the heart of Pakistan’s largest metropolis, Karachi, the Jinnah International Airport serves as a vital hub for both domestic and international air travel, accommodating millions of passengers annually. With its contemporary amenities, streamlined operations, and extensive network of airlines covering global destinations, this airport plays a pivotal role in connecting Karachi with the rest of the world.

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Karachi Airport overview

Jinnah International Airport, also known as the Karachi Airport, is the largest international and domestic airport in Pakistan. It is situated in Karachi, the capital city of the Sindh province. The airport is named after Muhammad Ali Jinnah, the founder of Pakistan.

Jinnah International Airport serves as a major hub for various airlines, including the flag carrier Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) and several private airlines. With a capacity to handle over 12 million passengers annually, the airport plays a crucial role in facilitating air travel in the region.

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Karachi Airport location

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The Karachi Airport or Jinnah International Airport is situated in Karachi, the capital and largest city of the Sindh province. Its precise geographical coordinates are 24° 54′ 13″ North latitude and 67° 9′ 36″ East longitude.

Karachi Airport code

The Jinnah International Airport in Karachi is identified by two codes: KHI for the International Air Transport Association (IATA) and OPKC for the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO). These codes serve the purpose of distinguishing the airport in various systems and databases.

Karachi Airport arrivals

Arrival procedure

Arrival procedures at Karachi Airport vary depending on whether it is a domestic or international arrival.

Domestic arrivals

For domestic arrivals, passengers are required to follow the following rules once they enter the domestic arrival lounge:

  • take the passenger baggage trolley from the designated assembly area from the arrival lounge (if required)
  • collect their baggage(s) from the respective baggage belt (if any)
  • show their baggage tag to the concerned airline operator
  • exit to the arrival concourse hall,
  • proceed to the car park

Please ensure that you have collected all your tagged baggage from the conveyor belt before leaving the arrival lounge. Additionally, if you require porter service, it is available in the domestic arrival lounge for a fee. To avail the porter service, you will need to obtain a porter slip from the respective PFS Counter.

International arrivals

For international arrivals at Karachi Airport or Jinnah International Airport, the following procedures apply.

Upon arrival, all international passengers should gather in the FIA/Immigration Hall and ensure they have the following documents ready:

  • a filled out disembarkation form (Overseas Pakistani Card holders are exempt from this requirement).
  • valid passport
  • valid visa (if applicable)
  • letter issued at Pakistan consulates abroad (for foreigners)
  • vaccination certificate (for passengers arriving from countries with diseases declared by WHO or International Health Regulations)

Please also note:

  • passengers holding an International Overseas/Pakistani Card do not need to submit a disembarkation form for immigration. The airline cabin crew will provide these forms to the passengers during the flight, and they are also available at Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Passengers are further advised to fill out the forms while on the flight to help speed up the clearance process if the procedure is applicable
  • holders of diplomatic or official passports remain exempted from the requirements of entry visas as provided under the visa abolition agreements concluded with their respective governments
  • a special desk for overseas Pakistan passengers is also available to facilitate and provide assistance on a 24×7 basis


Please note that immigration clearance is only required for international arrivals. Passengers are advised to comply with the following requirements:

  • To ensure the convenience and efficient processing of passengers, immigration counters/desks are categorized into different sections below. This division facilitates a streamlined experience for passengers as they go through the various checks:
    • all passports
    • overseas Pakistani passenger/cardholder
    • foreigners/taxpayers
    • old citizens/special person
    • women alone and women with children
    • diplomats/foreigners/taxpayers
  • passengers are advised to queue up at the immigration desk with their applicable above-mentioned travelling documents
  • the immigration officer will verify your Photo ID and may ask some questions in accordance with immigration procedures
  • under the International Health Regulations, all travelers arriving in Pakistan and staying for more than four weeks are required to be vaccinated against Polio and obtain a vaccination certificate to be presented at the time of departure


  • stand in your corresponding lane
  • stay behind the queuing line at the immigration desk marked in red color
  • please wait for your turn at the marked red line. Take off your hat and sunglasses
  • refrain from using your mobile phones while waiting
  • submit your passport and disembarkation card (only for foreigners). Once your passport is returned, you may pass through immigration

Please note that passengers arriving from Liberia, Sierra Leone, Mali, and Guana are required to report to the health office desk, located at the international arrival area. They must seek clearance from the Airport Health Officer before proceeding to the immigration desk. This step is mandatory for passengers arriving from these countries as a precautionary measure.

Baggage claim

After completing the immigration clearance process, proceed to collect your baggage from the respective baggage conveyor belt in the international or domestic arrival lounge. Follow the procedure below:

  • take a passenger baggage trolley from the designated assembly area in the arrival lounge
  • check the Flight Information LCD screen displaying the baggage details for your flight and confirm the information
  • wait at the designated baggage collection area
  • identify and collect your baggage from the respective baggage conveyor belt, ensuring that you are taking the correct bags
  • show your baggage tag to the concerned airline operator for verification

Please note that passenger baggage trolleys are provided free of charge for the convenience of passengers. It is important to make sure that you have collected all your tagged baggage from the conveyor belt before leaving the area. Additionally, porter service is available in the domestic arrival lounge, and it is subject to a charge. To avail of this service, you can obtain a porter slip from the respective PFS Counter.

Customs clearance

Only international arrivals are required to go through customs clearance at Karachi Airport or Jinnah International Airport. Please follow the procedure outlined below:

  • after collecting your luggage/baggage from the designated area, proceed to the customs clearance area in the international arrival lounge/area
  • there are two channels available for customs clearance: a) Red Channel: This channel is for passengers carrying dutiable or restricted goods. b) Green Channel: This channel is for passengers who do not have any dutiable goods

Please note that if a passenger going through the green channel is found to be carrying goods that exceed the customs limits or prohibited items, they may be prosecuted for making a false declaration to customs, as they have chosen to go through the green channel.

Karachi Airport departures

Departure procedure

All international passengers departing from the Karachi Airport or Jinnah International Airport are required to check the following requirements prior to their departure:

  • validity of passport
  • ticket information/date and time
  • airline baggage policy details
  • security requirement details
  • immigration policy details
  • customs policy details

The above details may also be obtained from the concerned department website and/or the airport website prior to the departure.

Please note that passengers travelling through international or domestic flights will use respective gates designed for entry into briefing lounges following the procedure mentioned below:

  • follow the queue while entering through the respective gate.
  • refrain from using your mobile phone while waiting.
  • present your valid airline ticket at the entrance gate.

Required documents

The following are some of the documents required for departure through the Karachi Airport or Jinnah International Airport

For domestic flights

  • CNIC
  • valid airline ticket

For international flights

  • valid airline ticket
  • valid passport
  • valid visa (if applicable)
  • CNIC
  • photo ID
  • health certificate (if applicable)
  • NOC or ex-Pakistan leave (mandatory for government employees)

Baggage screening

Here are some important baggage screening tips to keep in mind when entering the gate for both domestic and international departures at Karachi Airport or Jinnah International Airport:

  • form a queue at the ASF security screening desk
  • place your baggage on the scanning machine for screening
  • present yourself for a body search if requested by the security personnel
  • allow your baggage to be inspected if required
  • once the screening process is completed, proceed to the respective airline counters for check-in

Baggage cautions

  • refuse to carry any items at the request of strangers, as they may contain contraband items such as:
    • drugs, intoxicating agents, and others
    • currency more than PKR 3,000 or USD 10,000, or equivalent foreign currency
    • antiques
    • intellectual property right infringements and infringed CDs
    • firearms, ammunition, explosives, endangered wildlife species, fauna, and flora protected under the Wild Life Act and CITES (Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species)
  • counterfeit currency and counterfeit products. Please hand-carry expensive items such as cameras and jewelry, or fragile items such as pottery or glass
  • write your name, address and destination on your luggage in English in case your baggage gets lost
  • if you have any item/currency which needs to be declared at Customs, please go to the Customs declaration counter.

Please be aware that violation of these rules may result in the confiscation of the aforementioned items and possible detention of the individual found guilty.

If you require any assistance, please visit the Helpdesk located in the briefing area of the respective departments. They will be able to provide you with the necessary support and guidance.

Airline check-in

Please note the following important information for international departing passengers at Jinnah International Airport Karachi:

  • check the validity of your passport and ensure you have a valid visa and ticket information before departure
  • prior to your departure, it is recommended to check the airport website for information regarding security, immigration, and customs procedures
  • when packing your baggage, refer to the airport website for guidelines on liquids, aerosols, and gels allowed in carry-on baggage to ensure a smooth departure
  • for domestic flights, passengers are advised to arrive at the airport 1 to 2 hours prior to the scheduled departure time. For international flights, it is recommended to arrive at least 4 hours prior to departure
  • each airline has its designated check-in counter for the issuance of boarding passes and luggage tagging after necessary screening and security checks
  • to easily locate the designated check-in counter and Boarding Gate, refer to the Flight Information Display Boards placed in various locations such as the Concourse Area and briefing area of the domestic or international departure area. Alternatively, you can seek assistance from the CAA facilitation/information counters located in each lounge/briefing area


Please note that only international arrivals are required to go through immigration clearance by following the requirements given below:

  • after obtaining the passenger boarding pass, tagging luggage/hand carries and holding the luggage into the Conveyer belt, all international passengers have to step towards the immigration desks/FIA counters
  • for the ease of passengers, Immigration desks/counters are divided into different sections.
    • all passports
    • Pakistani passport
    • overseas Pakistani passenger/cardholder
    • foreigners or diplomats
    • old citizens or special person
    • women or women along with children, taxpayers, and more
  • non-Pakistani passengers departing from the Islamic Republic of Pakistan are required to submit the embarkation form. Pakistani Passport holders/international overseas Pakistani passengers will NOT submit embarkation forms at international airports in Pakistan. A special desk for Overseas Pakistan Passengers namely the “One Window Facilitation Desk” is also available to facilitate and provide assistance on a 24 x 7 basis
  • passengers are advised to queue up at the immigration desk and have their travelling documents ready, including passport, embarkation form and other necessary documents. The Immigration officer will verify your Photo ID and may ask several questions in accordance with the immigration procedures


  • stand in your designated lane behind the Tensa Barrier, which corresponds to your immigration desk
  • ensure that you stay behind the queuing line at the respective immigration desk
  • submit the required documents, which may include (but are not limited to):
    • passport with a valid visa
    • Polio certificate
    • embarkation card (for foreigners only)
    • any other necessary documents such as NOC (No Objection Certificate), Photo ID, etc
  • once your passport is returned to you, you may proceed through immigration and move to the international departure lounge (East Satellite)
  • wait in the departure lounge until the final boarding announcement is made
  • proceed to the aircraft following the boarding process

Before leaving the immigration counter, please ensure that your passport is properly stamped. Checking this is important to ensure that all necessary procedures are completed before proceeding with your journey.

Getting to and from Karachi Airport

Travellers can get to the Karachi Airport or Jinnah International Airport via taxi or any means of transport, through various routes, including:

From Shahra-e-Faisal to Jinnah Terminal (via JTC road)

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From Shahra-e-Faisal to Jinnah Terminal (via old Airport Road)

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From Malir Road (via JTC Road)

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From Cantt Road to Jinnah Terminal

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As Karachi Airport is Pakistan’s largest international and domestic airport, as well as the hub for the majority of Pakistani airlines, including the flag carrier, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), there are plenty of transportation facilities available to travel to and from the airport:

Radio Cab

There are plenty of Radio cabs or taxis and shuttle services (air-conditioned/non-air-conditioned) available at the Arrivals concourse area on a round-a-clock basis at the Jinnah International Airport.

There are various reservation counters for cab and shuttle services available at the international or domestic Arrivals Hall at Karachi Airport, whereas the Bab or taxi is readily available at Lane-3 of the arrival Concourse area. Some of these services are:

Metro Radio Cab
You can contact them at 111-222-787 (UAN) or, 92-21-4671004
For more information, visit

White Cab
You can contact them at 111-789-786 (UAN) or, 92-21-467109

Taxi Yellow Cab Service
You can contact them at +92 21 3460 1919 (Reservation Counter)

You can contact them at +92 21 111 773 773 or, +92 21 9907 1195
The reservation counter is located at the Arrival concourse area, JIAP Karachi

Daewoo Cab & Shuttle
You can contact them at +92 21 34570300 or, +92 21 111-323-966 (UAN)
For more information, visit

Public transportation

Public transportation is an economical option for travel to and from Jinnah International Airport in Karachi. Various bus routes traverse Main Shahra-e-Faisal, covering different areas of Karachi City. The link/access road of Jinnah Terminal Karachi connects Main Shara-e-Faisal to the airport.

It is important to note that during off-peak hours and holidays, some transportation options may not be available or may operate with reduced frequency. To avoid any inconvenience or frustration, it is advisable to plan and prepare accordingly beforehand.

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