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Updated January 2024

The allure of South Korea as a sought-after travel destination has experienced a notable surge in popularity over the years. Boasting vibrant cities, tranquil temples, and a delectable array of cuisines, Korea has become an irresistible draw for travellers worldwide.

Nevertheless, citizens from specific countries are required to secure a South Korean tourist visa before embarking on their journey to fully immerse themselves in the wonders that Korea has to offer.

Read on as Wego provides a comprehensive guide on how to apply for a Korean tourist visa.

Korea tourist visa

A South Korean tourist visa is a short-term visa granted to foreigners visiting South Korea for leisure and recreational purposes. Throughout the designated period, visa holders can discover Korea’s captivating attractions.

However, individuals holding this visa are prohibited from participating in any employment or receiving compensation for other activities during their stay in Korea.

Travellers from certain countries might be exempted from obtaining a tourist visa to visit Korea. To verify if you fall under the South Korean visa-free countries category, you can refer to the official Korean visa portal.

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Korea tourist visa requirements

The required documents that are needed to apply for a Korean tourist visa may differ based on your nationality. However, the general documents that are needed in the application usually include the following:

  • visa application form (printed E-Form)
  • original and a copy of the passport that is valid for 6 months
  • a detailed schedule of stay
  • hotel booking
  • round trip ticket

For further information regarding the additional documents, please consult the respective diplomatic office in your country.

Korea tourist visa validity

The Korean tourist visa is valid for 90 days starting from the date of issuance, allowing ample time for travel and exploration within this time frame.

It is essential to plan your trip within this timeframe to make the most of your visa, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable visit to South Korea.

How to apply for a Korea tourist visa?

To apply for a Korean tourist visa, you must first fill out the visa application form online. Here are the steps you need to follow for the tourist visa application:

  • visit the official visa portal
  • select “e-form (Visa)” under the “Application” category
  • when a new page opens, click the “Fill out the e-form” button
  • fill out the application form
  • click “Apply” after you fill out all the details
  • to download your application form, click the “Visa application” button
  • print the form and write your name along with the signature
  • submit the application form and the other required documents to the Consulate

Please note that before you submit the application to the Consulate, you must first confirm the appointment through email.

Korea tourist visa processing time

Typically, the processing period for a Korean tourist visa is approximately 14 days from the submission date. Your passport will be retained throughout the entire visa processing duration.

However, if you require the passport for other essential purposes, you can retrieve it one week after your submission date.

Korea tourist visa price

The cost of a Korean tourist visa is USD 40. However, additional charges for credit card usage and electronic payment services may apply if you make the payment through the Visa portal.

Please note that the application fee is non-refundable even if the application is denied.


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