Summer vacation is a time of year when school children and families take a break from their daily hustle and work routines and enjoy a much-deserved vacation. In Saudi Arabia, this year’s summer break is anticipated to be particularly thrilling, promising unforgettable moments and joyful experiences.

Looking to where to spend your summer vacation in KSA (الاجازة الصيفية في السعودية) this year? We got you covered. Read on with Wego’s top family-friendly vacation ideas to enjoy this season.

KSA summer vacation 2024 dates

The KSA summer vacation, which coincides with the school break, will last from 11 June until 17 August 2024.

Furthermore, the Ministry of Education has announced that the summer break for 2025 will begin on 26 June until 23 August, lasting for 68 days. This schedule has been approved by the Saudi Cabinet as part of the academic calendar for public education, higher education, and technical and vocational training for the next five years.

What is summer break like in Saudi Arabia?

Summer is a challenging period to visit or holiday around the Kingdom because of the scorching heat, which rises to an average of 43 degrees every day. People opting to stay in the country generally indulge in going to high mountain resorts and other fun excursions to beat the heat.

Residents mostly take trips outside the KSA and travel abroad. Italy, Australia, Switzerland, and France are the most popular destinations for Saudis during their long summer vacations. Tourists also get to visit the most popular adventure parks and architectural sites in the Kingdom, which comparatively provide some relief from the sweltering heat.

Best KSA summer vacation destinations in 2024

For many students in the KSA, the summer vacation is a perfect opportunity to plan family outings and activities. There’s nothing more relaxing than a vacation where you and your family can plan a holiday and enjoy doing various activities together.

If you find it cumbersome to travel to destinations with too many restrictions, here is a list of a few accessible domestic and international destinations within and outside Saudi Arabia.

Domestic destinations

Farasan Islands

The Farasan Islands, located off the coast of Jizan in southwestern Saudi Arabia, are celebrated for their breathtaking natural beauty and historical significance. Recognized as one of Saudi Arabia’s top diving destinations, Farasan Island offers pristine white sandy beaches, clear waters, and rich marine life for activities such as swimming, snorkeling, and diving. Visitors can take boat trips to observe dolphins and capture stunning sunset moments at Beit Al Refai.

Rijal Almaa

Rijal Almaa presents a verdant side of the country with its traditional stone and mud houses strategically constructed on mountain slopes to endure the harsh local climate. Beyond its distinctive architecture, the village provides an authentic cultural immersion into the Asir province, featuring traditional cuisine, music, and art.

Al Diriyah

Located approximately 20 km from Riyadh, Al Diriyah hosts numerous historical landmarks, including the At-Turaif district, which served as the inaugural capital of the Saudi State and the birthplace of the Saudi Dynasty. The region features picturesque mountains, valleys, and deserts, offering opportunities for activities such as hiking, desert safaris, and picnics along the Wadi Hanifah River.

Al Soudah

Nestled in the southwest region of the country, this mountainous expanse captivates visitors with its awe-inspiring scenery and invigorating climate. The area stands out as a prime destination for outdoor enthusiasts, offering a plethora of opportunities for hiking and camping amidst its rugged terrains. Al Soudah also boasts a multitude of water features, from cascading waterfalls to meandering streams, creating a haven for nature lovers seeking tranquillity and scenic beauty.

International destinations


Picture yourself lounging on pristine white-sand beaches, sipping a refreshing coconut water while the gentle breeze carries the scent of tropical flowers. Thailand’s southern islands, like Phuket, Krabi, and Koh Samui, boast some of the most breathtaking beachfronts in the world. Dive into crystal-clear waters and discover vibrant coral reefs teeming with colourful marine life, or simply unwind and soak up the sun’s golden rays.

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Austria beckons with a compelling summer holiday experience, offering a perfect blend of alpine landscapes, cultural richness, and outdoor adventures. Summer in Austria means exploring alpine villages, hiking scenic trails, and enjoying water activities on pristine lakes. Cultural enthusiasts can also immerse themselves in summer festivals and classical music events.

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The Maldives, an archipelago nestled in the azure waters of the Indian Ocean, holds an irrefutable allure for summer travellers seeking an extraordinary escape. While countless destinations boast sun-kissed beaches and vibrant marine life, the Maldives offers an experience unlike any other. Its overwater bungalows, coral reefs teeming with colourful marine species, and a sense of seclusion amidst pristine atolls create an unparalleled tropical paradise for those in search of ultimate relaxation and luxury.

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Nestled in the azure waters of the Arabian Gulf, Bahrain stands as a captivating gem that beckons travellers seeking an extraordinary summer escape. While it may be dwarfed by its larger neighbours, Bahrain’s enchanting blend of ancient heritage and modern marvels makes it an alluring destination for the discerning adventurer.

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Greece, a timeless summer destination, beckons with its captivating landscapes, ancient ruins, and charming islands. Visitors can explore archaeological wonders, enjoy leisurely strolls through olive groves, and indulge in Mediterranean cuisine at seaside tavernas. Greece’s rich history, warm hospitality, and the perfect blend of cultural heritage and natural beauty make it an enchanting destination for those seeking a harmonious summer retreat.

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