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Updated February 2024

Kuwait has taken a significant step to optimize its labor market by introducing part-time work permits for expatriates. The Public Authority for Manpower recently announced the implementation of these permits, which aim to provide flexibility for employers and address demographic imbalances in the country.

Read on as Wego highlights the key aspects of this scheme. 

What is the Kuwait part time work permit?

The part-time work permits were unveiled at the end of December 2023, when Kuwait said it would allow private sector workers in the country to take on a second part-time job with the approval of their original employers.

The part-time work permits are specifically tailored to enable employers to make efficient use of the expatriate workforce already present in the country, reducing the need for international recruitment. The application process and associated costs have been outlined by the Public Authority for Manpower.

Their statement on Twitter said the part-time work permit on the Sahel platform will develop the labour market in Kuwait, help business owners invest in the country’s labour force, and address demographic imbalances.

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Kuwait part time work permit conditions

There are three conditions to fulfill in order to obtain the permit. These are:

  • expat workers holding part-time permits are allowed to work a maximum of four hours per day. Employees in the contracting sector are exempted from this rule and will face no time limits. 
  • individuals seeking part-time employment must obtain permission from their primary employer, ensuring a streamlined and cooperative approach to managing dual employment.
  • payment of the permit fee must be fulfilled.

Kuwait part time work permit objectives 

The implementation of part-time work permits aligns with Kuwait’s vision to develop its labor market and encourages business owners to invest in the existing expatriate workforce. By providing a cost-effective solution for employers, these permits aim to balance the country’s demographic composition.

With over two-thirds of Kuwait’s population being expatriates, the new regulations are strategically designed to mitigate demographic imbalances. The part-time work permits offer a pragmatic approach to managing the labor force, ensuring that employers can tap into the skills of expatriates while also prioritizing the interests of Kuwaiti citizens.

How to apply for the Kuwait part time work permit?

Applications for part-time work permits can be made on the Kuwait Public Authority for Manpower’s Sahel platform, which can be downloaded on iOS or Android.

Kuwait part time work permit fees

The fees for the new permits are as follows

  • KWD 5 for one month
  • KWD 10 for three months
  • KWD 20 for six months
  • KWD 30 for one year

Please note that Kuwaiti citizens are exempt from these fees.


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