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Updated January 2024

The Silk City, also recognized as Madinat Al-Hareer, emerges as a monumental project on the horizon, poised to redefine the landscape of Kuwait. Anticipated to reach completion by 2023, this multi-purpose city stands as a visionary endeavour, blending commerce, culture, residence, and entertainment into a seamlessly integrated urban tapestry.

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Join Wego in exploring Kuwait’s Silk City, giving you a glimpse of how this big project might change Kuwait’s future.

Kuwait Silk City project

Silk City stands as a colossal multi-purpose project on the horizon of Kuwait’s urban landscape, set to unfold its grandeur by 2023. Envisioned to span a vast 250 square kilometres in Subiya, this ambitious venture is designed in individual phases, with an estimated cost reaching a staggering $132 billion.

Reflecting a vision that transcends boundaries, this project aspires to establish Kuwait as a global leader in urban architecture and planning, showcasing the potential of collaboration between the private and public sectors.

The investment projection of KD 25 billion for Silk City is earmarked for the Subiya area, and it promises to be more than just a city; it’s a modern community designed to meet Kuwait’s ambitious expansion plans. A comprehensive and integrated commercial and residential environment is at the heart of the development plan, seamlessly blending innovation with superior design.

Olympic stadium

Among its attractions, Silk City plans to feature an Olympic Stadium, a sprawling 2-square-kilometre nature reservation area, a new airport, and a duty-free zone.

The vision extends beyond the conventional, incorporating multiple amenities such as business districts, leisure zones, athletic facilities, environmental areas, and convention spaces.

Burj Mubarak

Undoubtedly the crowning jewel of Madinat Al Hareer is the Burj Mubarak, a monumental skyscraper soaring to a remarkable height of one kilometre. Anticipated to be the centrepiece of the city, the construction of this monumental tower is woven into the city’s development, set for completion around 2023.

While Madinat Al Hareer aims for a 2023 finish, Burj Mubarak’s construction is a 25-year endeavour. Paying homage to the tales of 1001 Arabian Nights, this towering marvel is set to stand at 1,001 meters, spanning 234 floors and accommodating 7,000 people.

Upon the completion of the Jaber Causeway, construction on Burj Mubarak will commence, aiming to surpass the height of the current world record holder, Burj Khalifa in Dubai. As the tallest building in Kuwait, it signifies not only architectural excellence but also embodies the city’s vision for a dynamic and integrated future.

Comprising seven vertical villages, this iconic structure will redefine urban living with a mix of hotels, residences, offices, and entertainment amenities.

The four quarters

The Subiya area is home to Silk City, a project with an anticipated investment of KD 25 billion. It will consist of four distinct quarters, each with its own central hub: Finance City, Leisure City, Ecological City, and Residential City.

These areas are designed to provide high-quality global standards and focus on educational and cultural facilities in order to create a fully integrated solution for the contemporary community.

Kuwait Silk City project contractors

Initiated as a voluntary endeavour by Tamdeen Group in collaboration with Ajiyal Real Estate & Entertainment Co in 2006, Silk City has garnered blessings and approvals from Kuwait’s Municipal Council, Planning Authority, and the State’s Cabinet.

Kuwait Silk City progress

The Silk City project is presently in the development phase, specifically in Phase I. In May 2019, the initial phase saw the inauguration of the Sheikh Jaber Al-Ahmad Al-Sabah Causeway, a significant component of the project.

Additionally, the first phase encompasses the ongoing construction of the Mubarak Al Kabeer Port. Despite this, there have been no recent official updates.

Please note that we will update the information as and when released by the officials.

Kuwait Silk City completion date

The anticipated completion of Madinat Al-Hareer was set for 2023. Nevertheless, there have been no subsequent updates regarding its fulfilment as of now.

Please note that we will update the information as and when released by the officials.


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