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In a recent development, Kuwait has announced the suspension of work and entry visas for individuals from the Philippines, citing concerns over the adherence to a previously established labor agreement between the two nations. The decision was communicated through a circular issued by Talaal Al Khalid, Kuwait’s First Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister, effectively halting the issuance of all entry and labor visas for Filipino workers.

According to officials familiar with the matter, this measure has been taken in response to what Kuwait perceives as the Philippine side’s non-compliance with the implementation provisions outlined in the bilateral labor agreement. “The First Deputy Premier’s directives, in his capacity as the supervisor-general of the Public Authority of Manpower, are based on Kuwait’s assessment of Manila’s violation of the agreement provisions,” stated these officials, shedding light on the rationale behind the suspension.

Officials further emphasized Kuwait’s commitment to upholding state sovereignty and the rule of law, underscoring that the resumption of visa issuance would hinge solely on the Philippine side’s commitment to fully implementing the provisions outlined in the labor agreement. This decision reflects Kuwait’s position on ensuring compliance and adherence to agreed-upon terms, with the goal of fostering a productive and mutually beneficial bilateral relationship between the two countries.

The suspension of work and entry visas for Filipino workers represents a significant development in the ongoing diplomatic relations between Kuwait and the Philippines. As both nations navigate this latest challenge, it remains to be seen how the Philippine government will respond and whether efforts will be made to address the concerns raised by Kuwaiti authorities.