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Celebrate the approaching New Year holiday by embarking on an exciting journey to embrace the festive spirit. Take advantage of this long weekend to explore the thrilling destinations just a few hours away from Amman without complicated visa requirements. Seize the perfect opportunity to rejuvenate and explore new surroundings during this holiday season.

Here, Wego has compiled a list of the top 5 last-minute destinations for those looking for a short and simple getaway this holiday season.

Manama, Bahrain

Manama, the vibrant capital of Bahrain, stands as a compelling testament to the enchanting fusion of tradition and modernity. You can explore timeless historical landmarks, such as the Bahrain Fort and the Al-Fatih Mosque, the bustling souk of Bab al-Bahrain, and many more unique experiences. 

Jordanian passport holders can simply apply for a visa on arrival to enjoy a 14-day stay in Manama. With numerous flight choices linking Amman and Manama, your journey assures a seamless and hassle-free experience.

Flight details: Direct 2-hour flights, served by Gulf Air and Royal Jordanian. Prices start from JOD 176.

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Cairo, Egypt

As the capital of Egypt, Cairo is a city of contrasts, where centuries-old mosques and bazaars coexist with contemporary skyscrapers and bustling street markets. From the historic Islamic Cairo district to the lively atmosphere of Khan El Khalili souk, Cairo offers visitors its dynamic spirit and timeless allure.

Jordanian travellers from Amman can enjoy a visa-free stay for up to 90 days, giving plenty of opportunity to explore the wonders of Egypt. Moreover, the direct flight options from Amman to Cairo make the journey even more delightful.

Flight details: Direct 1-hour flights, served by Royal Jordanian and EgyptAir. Prices start from JOD 120.

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Antalya, Turkey

Situated along Turkey’s stunning Mediterranean coastline, Antalya is known for its picturesque beaches, crystal-clear waters, and Mediterranean climate. The city perfectly blends relaxation and adventure, from the well-preserved archaeological sites like Perge and Aspendos to the charming Old Town, Kaleiçi. 

Jordanian citizens can stay up to 90 days in Antalya without a visa. Furthermore, direct flights from Amman to Antalya make travel more convenient and seamless. 

Flight details: Direct 2-hour flights, served by Pegasus Airlines. Prices start from JOD 76.

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Beirut Lebanon

Located on the shores of the Mediterranean Sea, Beirut seamlessly intertwines ancient sites with a dynamic contemporary atmosphere. Landmarks such as the Roman Baths, the National Museum, and the iconic Pigeon Rocks reflect the city’s rich history. You can also enjoy the diverse culinary scene amidst the diverse culinary scene.

Jordanian passport holders can stay in Lebanon for up to 180 days, providing the freedom to delve into the charms of Beirut. With a multitude of flight options connecting Amman and Beirut, your travel promises to be smooth and hassle-free.

Flight details: Direct 2-hour flights, served by Middle East Airlines and Royal Jordanian. Prices start from JOD 135.

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Tunis, Tunisia

Set along the azure hues of the Mediterranean Sea, the coastal beauty of Tunis provides travellers with opportunities for relaxation along sandy beaches. As the home of the Media, a UNESCO World Heritage site, you will be transported to an ancient era with its narrow alleyways, bustling souks, and historic monuments like the Zitouna Mosque. 

Jordanian travellers can enjoy visa-free travel to Tunisia, with stays permitted for up to 90 days. There are various direct flights from Amman to Tunis, ensuring a smooth journey.

Flight deals: Direct 4-hour flights, served by Tunisair and Royal Jordanian. Prices start from JOD 354

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