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Updated May 2023

As the Hajj season approaches, the Saudi authorities aim to provide the best experience for the many pilgrims seeking to perform their religious obligations in the holy city of Makkah. In so doing, a restriction on entering Makkah without a permit has been announced by the authorities.

Here’s all you need to know about the Makkah permit; where and how to obtain it, and who are exempted from having to obtain said permit.

Please note: Ahead of the Hajj season 2023, the Makkah permit application will be reinstated. Saudi residents who need to enter Makkah will have to obtain a relevant permit according to their purpose of visit.

What is the Makkah permit?

The Makkah permit is an entry document issued by the General Directorate of Passports (Jawazat), allowing holders to enter the city of Makkah. 

Umrah Permit 2023: All You Need to Know About the Permit for the Minor Pilgrimage

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has reopened Umrah visa applications following a successful Hajj season. Umrah seekers from all over the world are now allowed to apply for the pilgrimage.

In an attempt to better regulate the Hajj pilgrimage, Saudi authorities have recently announced a new rule stating that only those with Hajj and Umrah permits are allowed to enter Makkah. This means all visitors, expatriate residents, and Saudi nationals without a permit will not be granted entry to the city. The restriction will remain in effect until the end of this year’s Hajj season.

The following categories are exempted:

  • holders of Umrah permit
  • holders of Hajj permit  
  • holders of Iqama issued in Makkah
  • holders of entry permit to work in the holy sites 
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Who needs to apply for the Makkah permit?

Expats working and living in Saudi Arabia need to apply for the Makkah entry permit. Those included in this category are:

  • domestic workers
  • employees of companies and establishments in Makkah
  • those with seasonal work visas

Makkah entry permit registration

Those looking to enter Makkah may apply for an entry permit through the following channels.

Muqeem portal for all visitors

The Makkah entry permit for all other categories can be obtained from the Muqeem portal. Your company or employer must go through the following steps.

  • go to the Muqeem portal
  • log in
  • select ‘permit requests’
  • select ‘Add a Permit’
  • provide the data as requested
  • provide details on the individual needing the permit
  • upload the necessary documents
  • submit the application

Upon a successful application, the Makkah entry permit will be granted through the Muqeem portal.

Absher portal for domestic workers

Domestic workers, which includes people working as housemaids and chauffeurs, may obtain their Makkah permit through the Absher platform. 

  • go to the Absher portal 
  • log in
  • select ‘services’ under the Worker’s tab
  • select ‘Makkah Entry Permit’
  • select ‘Request Entry Permit’

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