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Updated May 2024

The world is changing rapidly, and so are the challenges and opportunities that young people face. How can they prepare themselves for the future and make a positive impact on the world? This is the question that the Misk Global Forum (MGF) aims to answer. The MGF is an annual event that brings together young leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs from around the world to share their ideas, learn new skills, and network with global experts.

Read on as Wego explores what the Misk Global Forum 2024 will offer and why you should not miss it.

What is the Misk Global Forum?

The Misk Global Forum (MGF) is an annual flagship event hosted by the Misk Foundation, a non-profit organization dedicated to empowering and connecting young leaders, innovators, and entrepreneurs globally. The forum serves as a dynamic platform for fostering vibrant discussions, exchanging ideas, and creating networking opportunities to nurture youth potential, encourage collaboration, and catalyze positive global change.

The Misk Global Forum’s seventh edition has come back to support and inspire the younger generation in the region to unlock their potential, foster cooperation, and drive positive worldwide transformations.

Misk Global Forum 2024 dates

The Misk Global Forum, renowned as the most expansive youth forum in the Middle East, is anticipated to return for another impactful gathering at Bujairi Terrace in Riyadh. Dates for the 2024 event are yet to be announced, promising an engaging and empowering experience for attendees in the near future. Last year, the Misk Global Forum took place at Bujairi Terrace in Riyadh from 15 to 17 November 2023.

Misk Global Forum 2024 location

While the specific location for the upcoming gathering has not been disclosed, the forum promises to deliver an enriching and empowering experience for attendees.

Last year, the Misk Global Forum 2023 took place at the Bujairi Terrace, which offers breathtaking vistas of At-Turaif.

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Misk Global Forum 2024 agenda

The agenda for MGF 2024 hasn’t been disclosed yet. However, these are the agenda that happened in MGF 2023 for your reference:

The theme for MGF 2023 was “The Big Now,” which encouraged young individuals to think ambitiously and act promptly, directing their energy towards proactive problem-solving.

This theme was divided into two sub-themes: “Think Big” and “Act Now.” “Think Big” emphasized embracing ambitious thinking and encouraging innovative ideas and aspirations that dared to challenge norms. Meanwhile, “Act Now” showcased the power of conclusive impact and immediate action, urging young leaders to seize the present and craft the envisioned future.

The MGF 2023 featured a variety of activations that engaged the attendees in different ways. Some of these activations were:

  • The Stage: A main stage where diverse discussions reshaped the attendees’ perspectives, prompting them to think big and act promptly.
  • Leaders Diwan: A space for deep conversations with industry experts, decision-makers, and leaders.
  • The Majlis: A relaxed setting for discussions among the brightest minds and innovators.
  • Skills Dukkan: A series of collaborative workshops hosted by world-class partners where attendees learned new skills.
  • Wellness Waha: A zone for meditative and therapeutic sessions that rejuvenated attendees physically and mentally.
  • The Tank: An entrepreneurship space that facilitated learning, engagement, and the development of an entrepreneurial mindset.
  • The Classroom: A flexible and optimized learning space that leveraged the latest technologies.

Misk Global Forum 2024 speakers

The speakers for MGF 2024 haven’t been disclosed yet. However, these are the speakers from The MGF 2023 who showcased an impressive roster of speakers who were poised to share their insights, experiences, and narratives with attendees for your reference. Among them were:

  • Amrita Sethi: NFT Digital Artist and Founder of The BYTE Academy
  • Chris Gardner: Renowned for his book “The Pursuit of Happyness,” which was adapted into a movie starring Will Smith. Gardner was an author and motivational speaker.
  • Robert Herjavec: Noted as an executive producer and personality on ABC’s “Shark Tank” and CEO of Cyderes, a cybersecurity firm.
  • Omar Farooq: Founder and CEO of UTURN, the largest online video network in the Arab world. Farooq was a filmmaker and content creator.


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