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Reviewed April 2024

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to experience walking on the moon without actually being on the moon? Turning your space travel dreams into reality, Dubai is soon going to have a moon-shaped destination resort. The spot would not only perfectly resemble the moon but also would make the lunar experience feel more real by incorporating a zero-gravity sensation, enabling visitors to suit up as astronauts and offering a seemingly never-ending journey of discovery.

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Read on as Wego unveils everything you need to know about the Mood Resort in Dubai.

What is the Moon Resort in Dubai?

Proposed and co-founded by Sandra G. Matthews and Michael R. Henderson, Dubai might soon have a $5 billion (AED18 billion) moon structure constructed as a moon resort, conducted by the Canadian-based architectural firm and intellectual property licensor Moon World Resorts Inc. (MWR).

Towering over 200 metres, with a 198-metre sphere diameter, the project will reportedly be constructed within 48 months, and the doors could open by the year 2027. Furthermore, the fully integrated resort will also be constructed to a LEED Gold five-star standard and will be operated at a five-diamond level.

Moreover, housed internally within the main superstructure disc buildings, the resort will also feature 4,000 luxury resort suites, incorporating private boutique residences, with 300 units available for purchase. The owners of these residences will be members of an exclusive club enabling them to enjoy exclusive privileges.

Expected to welcome at least around 10 million annual visitations, the project will be another stepping stone towards boosting Dubai’s economy in hospitality, entertainment, tourist attractions, education, technology, agriculture, and space tourism.

What to expect from the Moon Resort project in Dubai?

Major details about the project have not been released yet. We will update the details as and when more information gets released.

An illuminating surface perfectly resembling the moon

Turning into reality the visitor’s wishes to walk on the moon, the Moon Resort project in Dubai is set to be developed using the incredibly strong and durable material carbon fibre composite to give the structure a perfect resemblance to the moon.

Incorporated with solar cells to generate power the surface will be illuminated and can be used to depict the various phases of the moon. Similar to the Burj Khalifa light show in the UAE, the resort will also have various display options that could even turn the whole building into the UAE flag!

Bringing your lunar experience dream to life!

Making it their signature attraction, and enabling visitors to experience walking on the lunar surface while exploring a vast working lunar colony, the moon resort promises to turn the visitors’ lunar experience dream into reality. Furthermore, to make the lunar experience even more real, a water tank and cable system will be set up to provide a full zero-gravity sensation.

Moreover, taking the lunar experience dream to the next level, visitors will also be able to suit up as astronauts and experience a degree of weightlessness on the resort’s lunar surface.


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