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The Prophet Muhammad and his companions left Makkah for the city of Medina at a point known as the Hijra. The Prophet Muhammad encountered in Medinah a hospitable people bound by the Message after being driven from their homes by the status quo of Makkah.

The Prophet created a new community that was primarily focused on family, solidarity, and the encouragement for each person to treat their neighbours as siblings and never abandon the unfortunate.

As a result, this historic occasion is remembered as a very momentous day when the Muslim community was founded and the Islamic calendar year was established.

Muharram 2023 in Bahrain date

This year, the first day of Muharram, or Hijri New Year 2023 in Bahrain, will be expected to fall on the evening of July 19th.

A year in the Hijri or Islamic calendar involves 12 months and spans nearly 354 days. So, when compared with the Gregorian calendar that follows the revolution of the Earth around the Sun, the Islamic Year falls short by 10 – 11 days. Naturally, the date for the Hijri New Year shifts from year to year and doesn’t sync with the Gregorian calendar.

The sunset ushers in a new day and hence a new year. Most Islamic institutes herald the first sighting of the crescent of the new moon as the start of the new year. Exceptions to this practice include several Islamic organizations and countries, such as Saudi Arabia, which rely on astronomical calculations to determine the date beforehand. Accordingly, there are differences in the Hijri new year dates from one place to another.

Muharram 2023 public holiday in Bahrain

Muharram 2023 is considered a public holiday in Bahrain. On July 19th, the Kingdom’s ministries, businesses and public institutions will be closed due to the celebration of the Hijri New Year.

How is the Muharram celebrated in Bahrain?

On the 10th of Muharram, also known as “Ashura,” many people in Bahrain will fast and grieve at the martyrdom of Muhammad’s grandson Husayn Ibn Ali. In reality, many people start fasting on Awal, the first Muharram and keep going until Ashura, the tenth Muharram.

Beginning with a period of introspection and focus on prayer, the Koran, and abstaining from bad behaviour, the new Islamic year is observed. Because fighting and conflict are prohibited during this time of year, the name of the month, Muharram, translates as “forbidden.”

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