Tourist attractions in Hong Kong are spread on its two biggest islands, the Hong Kong Island and Kowloon Island. In the previous article, we have covered Muslim friendly places and activities in Hong Kong Island you can include in your trip itinerary. This time, we will recommend you the top Muslim-friendly shopping, food joints, and also go-to sightseeing areas in Kowloon Island.

Where to Shop in Kowloon Island

Kowloon Island in Hong Kong is one of Asia’s shopping paradises. From clothing, accessories, shoes, electronics to toys, you can find it in this island with so many spots to explore. To help you plan your Kowloon Island shopping itinerary, here is our recommendation of markets you should visit.

Ladies Market

One of the most popular markets for tourist in Kowloon is Ladies Market at Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok. It is a one-stop place if you want to get new outfits, bags and souvenirs to bring home. Feel free to bargain your choices when shopping in the evening when all the stores are already open. No rush, they open ‘til midnight!

Fabric Street

Ki Lung Street Hong Kong

If you prefer to design your own clothes or want to create matching outfits for the whole family, then Fabric Street at Ki Lung Street, Sham Shui Po is your market. Explore around to find the best fabrics and sewing equipment, such as buttons, threads and ribbon that will make your design one of a kind. Bonus, you can also practice your bargaining skill here.

Toy Street

Toy Street Hong Kong

Don’t forget to treat the little ones with new toys to bring home. Take them to Tai Yuen Street to see the collection of toys, from the newest to vintage toys that will definitely bring back happy memories from your childhood. It’s a win-win and fun bonding time for you and your kids!

Sneakers Street

Sneakers Street Hong Kong

Fa Yuen Street or commonly known as Sneakers Street is a heaven for sneakers fans. Here you can get the same quality as you will get from modern shopping centre, but with much more affordable price. Take your time to find your signature footwear style as Sneakers Street also has collections of newest release, or even the limited editions.

Temple Street Market

Temple Street Market

Temple Street Market. Image credit: Paul Wong / Shutterstock

An alternative to find affordable souvenirs, accessories to electronics is the iconic Temple Street Market at Tung Choi Street, Mong Kok. While satisfying your shopping desire here, you can experience the Hong Kong ambience from the stores selling jade collections and local delicacies.

Halal Restaurants at Kowloon Island

Already checked all your shopping lists? Now, it’s time to make your tummy happy with Hong Kong’s signature dishes. Worry not, as Kowloon Island also has numbers of halal restaurants we think you should try. We bet the dishes suits your palate too, just like ours.

Ma’s Restaurant, Sham Shui Po.

Ma's Restaurant Sham Shui Po

Spicy and Sour Soup from Ma’s Restaurant. Image credit: Wego

Craving for a signature Chinese dish? Find the halal one at Ma’s Restaurant, located in Sham Sui Po. This restaurant will feast you with Northern Chinese traditional meal, for instance the wonton, dim sum, and soups with rich spices.

Islam Food, Kowloon City.

Islam Food Kowloon City Hong Kong

Veal goulash from Islam Food Restaurant. Image credit: Wego

There’s a reason why Islam Food at 1 Liung Kung Road, Kowloon City is almost always packed during lunch hour, one of them is the signature beef curry that you can share with your family. Our recommendation also goes to the veal goulash, as the combination of veal-filled crispy skin and the tasty goulash spice will blow your mind.

New Istanbul Kebab, Tsim Sha Tsui

Finding affordable halal food at Tsim Sha Tsui? Head to New Istanbul Kebab at 1-3 Hart Ave. They serve ranges of kebab, fresh salad and chicken menus in large portion, so you can share it with your family.


Anjappar Chettinad Indian Restaurant

Common halal menu you can find while travelling abroad is usually found in Indian restaurant. Kowloon Island has Anjappar Chettinad Indian Restaurant at 3-7A Prat Avenue, Tsim Sha Tsui where you can savour the delicious Mutton Biryani and Chicken Masala.

Strolling Around with the Family

Planning to check out the Ladies Market or Temple Street Market on the evening? Kill your time by exploring around these spots:

Avenue of Stars

If you are looking for a spot to have a relaxing walk, snap some pictures of the scenery, or even with the Hong Kong’s stars statue, such as Bruce Lee and Anita Mui – Avenue of Stars is the place to go. After spending some time here, head to Kowloon Mosque and Islamic Centre that are located in Tsim Sha Sui once the prayer time comes.


The best way to capture the beauty of Hong Kong landscape is from a height. Take your family to Sky100 Observation Deck to enjoy the sight of Kowloon Island and Victoria Harbour with bright luxurious skyscrapers on the background. Surely, being on the 100th floor of the tallest building in Hong Kong is a memory worth to cherish in the future.

Bonus: Hong Kong Disneyland

A family trip to Hong Kong is not complete without visiting Disneyland Hong Kong in Lantau Island. This year, Disneyland Hong Kong just opened the latest Marvel ride of Ant-Man and The Wasp: Nano Battle. Immerse yourself in the battle in micro size with Ant-Man and The Wasp.

Disneyland Hong Kong is also a Muslim-friendly amusement park, as they serve halal food at Explorer’s Club in Mystic Point area and halal snacks at Main Street Market kiosk. Or, if you happen to be hungry while navigating in Adventureland area, make a stop at Tahitian Terrace for halal Southeast Asian menus. Once the prayer time comes, head to the prayer room right next to Explorer’s Club.

With its wide range of night markets, halal culinary adventure and the lively ambience, Kowloon Island is never a boring place. Therefore, stop daydreaming and make your Kowloon Island trip happens by booking affordable flights and getting the best accommodation deals with Wego. Enrich your itinerary with other local recommendations to go by checking on this site. Happy vacation to Hong Kong!

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