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Commuters and travelers in the United Arab Emirates can now enjoy a convenient and affordable transportation option as the Roads & Transport Authority of Sharjah (RTA) has officially launched a new inter-city bus service to Fujairah International Airport. According to Wego’s report, the service, which commenced on 18 October 2023, aims to enhance connectivity and accessibility for residents and visitors to this bustling airport in the emirate of Fujairah.


Promising a seamless and economical means of travel for those traveling to or from Fujairah International Airport, the new bus service boasts a flat fare of 30 AED, ensuring passengers a comfortable journey from multiple key locations throughout the United Arab Emirates directly to the airport.

The inter-city bus routes have been meticulously designed to connect Fujairah International Airport with various prominent destinations, including Sharjah International Airport, Al Jubail Bus Station, Al Dhaid, Al Batayeh, and Al Zaid. This extensive network guarantees that travelers from diverse regions within the UAE can conveniently access the airport.

Furthermore, to cater to the diverse needs of passengers, the timetables for this inter-city bus service have been thoughtfully constructed. Operating from 10 PM to 6 AM, the buses will run at 30-minute intervals, offering flexibility and convenience for travelers in planning their journeys.

The introduction of this groundbreaking bus service closely aligns with the United Arab Emirates’ vision of improving public transportation and promoting enhanced connectivity between cities and pivotal transportation hubs. It marks a significant step towards ensuring that Fujairah International Airport remains accessible and efficient for travelers spanning the entire region.

Commuters can access the service using the RTA Sharjah application or contact the Roads & Transport Authority of Sharjah at 600525252 for further information. The launch of this inter-city bus service is expected to make the journey to and from Fujairah International Airport more convenient and cost-effective, ultimately benefitting the residents and tourists in the UAE.

Alternatively, please visit the RTA’s official website for more information and updates on the inter-city bus service to Fujairah International Airport.