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Updated July 2024

Set on the Red Sea coast, Jeddah is a vibrant port city that has long served as the gateway to Mecca. Renowned for its rich heritage, bustling markets, and captivating coastal allure, Jeddah has solidified its status as an in-demand destination for travelers. As we step into the year 2024, Jeddah eagerly awaits the arrival of a wave of new hotels, each poised to deliver an unparalleled experience, blending luxury and comfort in ways that enchant and inspire discerning travelers.

In this article, Wego directs its focus toward the highly anticipated openings of hotels in Jeddah slated for the entirety of 2024. Prepare to embark on a captivating journey through these forthcoming havens of serenity and luxury, promising unforgettable experiences and moments of indulgence.

Al Hamra Palace, Jeddah

Image © Boutique Group

Tucked within the historical tapestry of Jeddah’s Al Hamra District, the resplendent Al Hamra Palace, Jeddah is poised for a triumphant unveiling in the early months of 2025, undergoing a metamorphosis into an opulent haven by the visionary Boutique Group. A treasure trove of antiquity reborn into an ultra-luxury abode, it boasts 47 lavish suites, 44 sumptuous villas, and a grandiose royal suite, all destined to bestow a truly regal experience upon its esteemed guests.

Among its amenities are 5 public event spaces and 6 spa suites, ensuring a versatile and indulgent stay. Culinary excellence takes center stage with 6 high-end food and beverage outlets, elevating the gastronomic experience. As the grand doors swing open to welcome guests into its opulent embrace, Al Hamra Palace, Jeddah, stands poised to etch its name as an icon of sophistication and indulgence, a shimmering jewel in the very heart of the city.

Four Seasons Jeddah

Opening its doors in Q4 of 2024, the Four Seasons Jeddah, based in the dynamic Corniche District, is set to redefine luxury under the esteemed Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts. This exceptional establishment, featuring 269 suites, 21 serviced apartments, and 64 private residences, will offer an unrivaled experience for discerning travelers. Boasting a Fitness Centre, Spa, conference facilities, and a Kids Club, it ensures a comprehensive stay.

Moreover, the hotel will feature multiple restaurants with terraces for open-air dining, an outdoor shisha lounge, and a cigar lounge, promising a delightful culinary and leisure experience for its visitors. As the sun sets over the city’s skyline, Four Seasons Jeddah stands as a beacon of sophistication and refinement. A sanctuary where every moment is imbued with elegance, it is anticipated to become an enduring symbol of luxury in Jeddah’s bustling landscape.

Earth Hotel Jeddah

Image © Earth Hotels

Embarking on a grand debut amidst the captivating shores of Jeddah in 2026, Earth Hotel Jeddah unveils a world of unparalleled distinction. With 125 meticulously curated rooms, this avant-garde establishment introduces an array of revolutionary amenities, including cryotherapy and float therapy, alongside a state-of-the-art weights room and an outdoor activity zone adorned with rails and CrossFit facilities, ensuring an invigorating experience for all.

But that’s not all – standouts include the Earth co-working zone, designed to nurture collaboration and innovation, and a cutting-edge digital content room tailored to the needs of modern travelers. As excitement mounts for its forthcoming reveal, Earth Hotel Jeddah sets the stage for a transcendent and contemporary paradigm in hospitality along the city’s bustling shoreline.

voco and Suites Jeddah

In a mesmerizing fusion of comfort and extravagance, voco and Suites Jeddah, a collaborative masterpiece by IHG Hotels and Resorts and Rusd Group, is poised to grace the illustrious Jeddah Beach Road in the latter half of 2024. Sheltered in the vibrant embrace of Jeddah Downtown, also known as the Jeddah Central Development, this enchanting hotel shall unveil 110 exquisitely crafted rooms, including meticulously appointed suites, each promising a sanctuary of serenity.

Radiating an ambiance of contemporary chic, voco and Suites Jeddah exudes a tantalizing vibe that harmoniously blends comfort with opulence, setting the stage for an unparalleled experience. With eager anticipation for the arrival of its esteemed guests, voco and Suites Jeddah endeavor to redefine the very essence of hospitality, crafting a haven where sophisticated design seamlessly intertwines with a captivating array of flavors, ensuring an unforgettable sojourn that transcends mere accommodation.

The Jeddah Edition

Behold The Jeddah Edition, an illustrious jewel in the Marriott crown, exquisitely situated along the breathtaking Jeddah Corniche, with vistas that encompass the serene Yacht Club & Marina and the electrifying F1 racetrack. Within its embrace lie 63 meticulously crafted rooms, including 11 lavish suites, each a haven of unsurpassed luxury and refinement.

Infused with an unmistakable aura, The Jeddah Edition captivates with its culinary prowess, boasting a cornucopia of delights that tantalize the senses. From a signature restaurant offering gastronomic masterpieces to a chic lobby lounge, an intimate bar, a rooftop retreat, and a refreshing poolside oasis, every dining experience is an exquisite journey of culinary excellence.

The Jeddah Edition stands as a beacon of allure and refinement, beckoning discerning travelers in search of a distinctive retreat that transcends the ordinary.

Raffles Residence Jeddah

Image © Accor Residences

Raffles Residence Jeddah, a distinguished member of the Accor Group, is set to open later in 2024 near Corniche in Jeddah. This distinguished establishment presents a lavish array of 182 guestrooms and 120 branded residences, adorned with opulence at every turn, complemented by a stately library and an exquisite penthouse-level entertainment suite, exuding an air of regal sophistication.

Culinary excellence is showcased at The Plaza at Raffles Jeddah, featuring an array of fine-dining restaurants offering the best of international cuisine, including Lebanese, Italian, and southern French gastronomy, along with specialty coffee shops. With a vision to redefine the essence of luxury living and culinary experiences, Raffles Residence Jeddah aspires to become an iconic destination in the very heart of Jeddah, where every moment is imbued with the epitome of elegance and refinement.

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