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Updated March 2024

In an effort to continuously raise the security element of the Emirati passport and support it with leading technical specifications in the field of travel, the UAE will soon issue its new UAE passport to its citizens.

The next-generation passport will further emphasize and highlight the position of the UAE as a country with one of the most powerful passports in the world. 

Wego has gathered everything you need to know about the new UAE e-passport. Keep reading to learn more!

New UAE e-passport changes

According to the ICP, the next-generation passport represents a new technological leap in line with the aim of achieving the smart government initiative in the UAE. 

The new UAE passport will incorporate unprecedented technical characteristics and very complex security specifications to restrict the attempts of forgery or falsification. Other innovations include printing the identification page of its holder using polycarbonate instead of paper. This will increase the efficiency of specialized printing supported by photos and security marks specifically characterized by the thickness of the material. The new UAE passport will essentially be rendered more resistant to damage.

Thanks to its high-quality build and the utilization of laser technologies and three-dimensional tangible elements, the e-passport will also be more easily processed at ports and borders.

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How does the new UAE e-passport work?

With the new e-passport, passengers can obtain boarding passes or permits by only presenting their faces. Before being implemented at all airport passenger touchpoints, the facial recognition services will first be made available at a select number of self-service luggage touchpoints, immigration e-gates, and boarding gates.

When will the new UAE e-passport be issued?

The new UAE passport was launched on 1 September 2022, and the issuance services for the new generation of Emirati passports came into effect on 5 September.

Will my current UAE passport still be valid? 

Yes, your current UAE passport will still be deemed valid, and you can use it for travel purposes until its designated expiration date. After which, you may apply for the new passport through the UAEICP smart application, ICP website or the country’s embassies and consulates.

How to get the new UAE e-passport? 

If you’d like to obtain a new UAE passport, you can submit a renewal application within six months of your current passport’s expiry date. You can submit your application via or the UAEICP smart application.


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