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The Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently unveiled a new e-visa system that is now available for residents of ten countries, including the UAE and Saudi Arabia. Under Japan’s new e-visa system, eligible residents of the UAE and Saudi Arabia can obtain a single-entry online tourist visa with a stay duration of 90 days.

To be eligible to apply for a Japan tourist e-visa, applicants must meet certain requirements. Specifically, they must not have any criminal record, violations, or deportation history. Additionally, dual nationals with Japanese citizenship are not eligible to apply for this e-visa.

To apply for the Japan online tourist e-visa, residents of the UAE and Saudi Arabia must complete the following steps:

  • visit the Japan e-visa website and click on the “Online visa application” tab
  • create an account using a valid email address and password
  • fill out the application form by providing the required information
  • upload all the necessary documents
  • submit the application
  • after your application is approved, you will receive a confirmation email at your registered email address. If necessary, pay the visa fees as indicated in the email.

Applicants from the UAE and Saudi Arabia may be required to visit the Japanese Consulate or Embassy to pay the fees. The e-visa will only be issued once the payment is received. Moreover, applications for the e-visa must be submitted at least seven days prior to the intended date of travel to Japan.

All holders of a Japan tourist e-visa must log onto the Japan e-visa website at the departure airport and present the “visa issuance notice” to the authorities through the portal itself. It is advised to not present PDFs or screenshots of the page, as these will not be accepted.

In addition to residents of the UAE and Saudi Arabia, individuals from several other countries, including Brazil, Cambodia, Canada, Mongolia, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, the UK, and the USA, are also eligible to apply for the Japan tourist e-visa.

However, it is worth mentioning that UAE nationals who are holders of e-passports that comply with ICAO standards are not required to obtain a Japan visa to enter the country for stay periods of up to 30 days. Individuals who do not hold such passports are required to obtain a visa in advance, failing which they will be refused entry into Japan.