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Updated April 2024

Introduced previously by the NADRA, which stands for National Database and Registration Authority, the Pak-ID mobile application enables Pakistani citizens to access ID services on their mobile devices, This application introduced several key features aimed at enhancing convenience and accessibility for users.

Read on as Wego provides everything you need to know about the Pak-ID mobile application features and how to access them.

What is the PAK ID mobile app?

Launched by the NADRA, the National Database Registration Authority, the Pak-ID mobile application makes it easier for citizens to apply for national identity cards, particularly for overseas Pakistanis.

With the mobile app’s document identification system and biometric verification facility, citizens can upload necessary documents directly through the app.

Citizens can apply for CNIC and Family Registration Certificates without the need to visit NADRA offices, eliminating long queues and waiting times. The app’s latest version includes a built-in document recognition system and contactless biometric verification, offering users a comprehensive range of ID issuance services, such as uploading and submitting documents, capturing photographs and fingerprints, and adding digital signatures using their smartphones.

How to register on the PAK ID mobile app?

You can easily register on the Pak-ID mobile app by following these steps:

  • register an account.
  • choose the relevant category and start your application.
  • fill in the application form online.
  • pay fees through a debit or credit card. Check the payment guidelines here.
  • upload a photograph through the Pak-ID mobile application
  • capture a fingerprint through the Pak-ID mobile application.
  • upload scanned documents through the Pak-ID mobile application.
  • submit the application.

Pak-ID mobile app is available on Google Play and App Store.

PAK ID mobile app photograph guidelines

While photos can be taken on the phone and uploaded to the app, there are some rules about taking photographs yourself:

  • photograph must be taken against a white background with dimensions not less than 350 x 467.
  • photographs must be taken while looking straight into the camera with a sharp focus.
  • black and white photographs are not accepted.
  • make sure that the photograph is taken with appropriate brightness and contrast.
  • eyes must be clear in the photograph with no hair across the eyes.
  • photograph must be taken without glasses and cap.
  • the photograph must be original without filters or layers and must not have been altered in any way.


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