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Updated 7 October 2021

The Pakistan Pavilion became an unexpected hit on the opening days of Expo 2020 Dubai. The sustained wonder of the Pakistan Pavilion, located in the Opportunity District, inevitably drew in flocks of people to the multicolored structure.

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Pakistan pavilion

With the promise of uncovering immense potential and hidden treasure, the brilliant and appealing facade of the Pakistan pavilion showcases the diversity of Pakistan along with its people.

Here are 5 things you must know about the Pakistan pavilion.

Optical illusion architecture

The magic behind the Pakistan Pavilion bewitching facade lies in the thousands of glass units that are fractionally different from one another in terms of color and size. The varying glass tiles create an optical illusion for visitors as they move by the dazzling structure.

Stepping into the multicolored pavilion, a network of separate hills complemented by the presentation of the country’s spectacular videography makes for a truly unique experience. A stellar selection of Pakistani handicrafts such as block-printed towels, carved wooden boats, along with a popular restaurant on the ground floor makes the Pakistan Pavilion a one-stop shop for the whole family.

Unearthing hidden opportunities

Located within the Opportunity District, the Pakistan Pavilion is set to awe visitors by way of contextual showcases that position Pakistan’s past, present and future against a cosmopolitan and global backdrop of interactivity and interconnections.

Balochistan takes center stage

The Pakistan Pavilion’s focus for the first month will be on Balochistan, which is Pakistan’s largest province. Balochistan is a province blessed with mountains, dessert, and numerous beaches. These natural treasures will be properly showcased to visitors for the duration of October.

Apart from showcases depicting Balochistan’s natural beauty, the Pakistan Pavilion will also allow visitors to discover that the province was also home to hunters and gatherers during the stone age. Additionally, there was once an ancient trade route connecting Babylon and Balochistan before the birth of Christ.  

A 7,000-year inner journey

One of the main highlights of the pavilion is the ‘inner journey,’ which depicts the timeline from Mehrgahr 7,000 BC to 1947. Through an immersive virtual experience, visitors will gain an understanding of Pakistan’s traditions, landscapes, and culture through the ages.

The journey is divided into eight spaces offering archaeological treasures, handicrafts, natural resources, tourist sites, food, culture, music and art. Prepare to take a journey back in time from the world’s first recorded civilizations to the fast-paced millennium of today.

180 days of discovery

180 events have been prepared for Expo Dubai covering a period of about 6 months in which the focus has been on the fields of art, civilization, culture, education and tourism in Pakistan in which conferences, seminars and trade and Investment meetings are also included.

All in all, visitors to the Pakistan Pavilion will be immersed in a unique and stimulating experience allowing them to learn more about the region and discover one of Pakistan’s wonders and hidden treasures.