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Updated February 2023

The innovative Italian firm, Lazzarini, famed for creating flying superyachts and futuristic seaports, has just unveiled a massive “terayacht” concept capable of accommodating hundreds upon thousands of seafarers.

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What is Pangeos yacht?

Pangeos yacht is a premium superyacht that is touted to become the world’s largest boat from Saudi Arabia, designed by the Italian firm Lazzarini. The yacht is built based is basically a turtle-shaped ship large enough to house an entire city.

The boat is named after the Pangea supercontinent, which existed millions of years ago during the late Paleozoic and early Mesozoic epochs. Pangeos, like its namesake, would cover a huge portion of the ocean. The behemoth is 1,800 feet long in total and 2,000 feet wide at its widest point in the wings. The ship would be the world’s largest floating structure, costing around $8 billion to build.

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What facilities will Pangeos yacht have?

The ‘floating metropolis’ will include resorts, shopping centers, parks, and even ports for smaller ships and planes. The entryway will lead to a villa, apartments, tower blocks, and rooftop terraces. A zone will be built on the ship’s upper shell for various flying vehicles.

The lower level of the ship will accommodate 30,000 cells or cluster compartments. It is composed mostly of steel and is supposed to be unsinkable. The wings of Pangeos will be designed to gather energy from the sea’s waves, allowing it to cruise endlessly without releasing greenhouse emissions. Solar panels will be installed on the rooftop to provide additional clean electricity to charge the terayacht.

How many passengers can Pangeos yacht hold?

Since Pangeos is a hybrid of a luxury resort, a cruise liner, and a city, the yacht can accommodate up to 60,000 people.

What are the destinations for Pangeos yacht to sail to?

The designer claimed that rather than operating from a certain port or following a predetermined route, the Pangeos yacht will just cruise around, turning the journey itself into its “destination”.

What is unique about Pangeos yacht?

Because of its practically limitless supply of green energy, the tera-turtle can sail around the world indefinitely without emitting any emissions. Solar panels that wrap the yacht generate clean solar electricity for the hotel load and propulsion system.

Pangeos is projected to cruise at a top speed of 5 knots thanks to nine electric motors each rated at 16,800 horsepower. The “wings” will also benefit from additional power from the waves and wind.

Where will the Pangeos yacht be built?

Saudi Arabia has been proposed as a destination by designers.

Before construction could begin, approximately one square kilometre of the sea would need to be dredged and a circular dam built. The designers have identified King Abdullah Port, located 81 miles north of Jeddah, as the optimal location to build the ship.

The firm aims to build the yacht in 2033 with an expected eight-year duration.

Pangeos Metaverse

An NFT crowdfunding campaign, named the “Unreal Estate”, has been launched to allow people to virtually purchase space in the Pangeos Metaverse by paying in cryptocurrency. The selected space will be available in the virtual scenario as your private room with your own access key.

The properties on sale range from a virtual admittance ticket ($16 or 0.01 ETH) to a super villa ($1,500 or 0.3 ETH).

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