Passenger safety is the most important issue, and for that all the airlines have worked with all their potential. Very specific guidelines have been directed by the Government, which needs to be followed from now on, along with the protective measures taken up by the airlines and airport faculties. It is requested to all the passengers to strictly stick to the regulations and experience a safer journey. 



The primary rules to follow

  • It is required for all the passengers to wear their masks and gloves religiously while at the airport as well as during the whole time of the travel.
  • The passengers who are asymptomatic will only be allowed to travel. A thorough temperature check will be conducted at the terminal entrance, so it is required for the passengers to reach two hours earlier.
  • All the passengers are requested to install Arogya Setu App in their mobile phones since it is a mandatory directive of the Government. Only after the green status is received on the App, the passenger will be allowed to travel.
  • Until and unless a travel clearance is provided by a doctor for the special case of any passenger at unrest physically, and there is a concern of COVID-19 issue he or she will not be allowed to travel.


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Airport entry and new Check-In Process

  • Inside the airport premises personal vehicles are allowed for the pick-up and drop purpose. Although, particularly selected cabs will only be allowed inside the airport to provide service to passengers and airport staff.
  • The use of baggage trolleys will be minimized, and just one checking- bag(max 20 kgs) will be allowed along with one cabin bag(max 7 kgs). 
  • Passengers are asked to proceed with web check-in, which is now mandatory. The web check-in portal will close 75 minutes before the takeoff.
  • The passengers are advised to obtain their boarding pass online or use a mobile boarding pass.
  • The baggage tag should also be downloaded and printed or handwritten which is to be attached with the luggage and prominently visible.



Regulations on contact-less baggage drop

  • The baggage drop counters will be closed 1 hour before the departure time, so the passengers are asked to drop their baggage systematically with prominent labels at designated areas.
  • It is asked to avoid touching the airport surfaces as much as possible and maintain strict social distancing all the time. The use of restrooms in the airport is advised rather than the ones in the aircraft.


Boarding Rules

  • The airlines will provide the passengers with a safety kit in the designated area near the boarding gate. It is asked of the passengers to listen carefully to the boarding announcements.
  • The passengers will self-scan their e- boarding pass and show the identity card to the airline staff.
  • The boarding will be conducted from back to front rows for maintaining social distancing. 



In-flight protocols and baggage collection

  • There are strict restrictions of face to face interaction and non- essential movements on the aisle, usage of lavatories should also be avoided.
  • Inside the aircraft the services of food, beverages, newspaper, or magazine are suspended, and personal consumption of those is also strictly prohibited. The aircraft staff will provide water bottles to the passengers.
  • Disembarkation process from front to back will be conducted, and it is mandatory to observe all the health protocols of the particular State/ UT after arrival.
  • The usage of face masks during baggage collection and while exiting the terminal building is obligatory.



Destination Airport Exit Concord & Self- Quarantine Norm

  • The passengers can only avail the service of authorized taxis, strict social distancing norm is to be followed. The guidelines of the particular State/ UT should be maintained as prescribed.
  • The passengers who are asymptomatic are asked to self- monitor their health for the next 14 days. In case any passenger develops any symptom, it is obligatory to inform the district surveillance.
  • The symptomatic will be isolated, and the ones with moderate to severe symptoms will be admitted to hospitals dedicated to COVID-19 treatments as soon as possible. 
  • The person suffering from mild symptoms will be either allowed to go into home quarantine or isolated in the COVID Care Centre as allotted by the state.