So you have to leave for the airport in forty-five minutes. Factoring the time it’ll take you to get there, check-in, board, get up in the air, and finally touch down, you have a little more than a ten-hour journey ahead of you. Everything’s packed. You’ve double-checked for your passport and important documents, and the luggage is locked and ready to go. Now, all you have left to do is get dressed.

You throw open your closet, rifle through this pile of clothing and that. Even considered wearing the reindeer sweater your grandma knitted for you last Christmas but decided against it in the end. Since you’re going to be trapped in an economy seat for the better part of ten hours, you want to be comfortable. At the same time, you’d rather not spend ten hours looking like a total slob.

Comfort vs style?

The tension between comfort and style when flying is something that’s been debated since the ability to fly changed from being a luxury of the wealthy to a more accessible mode of transport available to the masses.

Is there even a point to dressing up for a flight if all you’re really going to be doing is nibbling on peanuts as you attempt to fall asleep to the sound of your neighbour’s snores? You can’t help but wonder if it’ll be all that bad turning up to the airport in your pj’ s—at least they’re comfy. Right?


Now, ladies and gentlemen, no one is saying you have to dress for the Met Gala, but you might want to leave the pj’s and yoga sweats at home. Despite the common misconception that comfort and style while travelling are mutually exclusive, that is not the case. There are many ways to look fresh and put-together without sacrificing sensibility.

Instead of sweats and a hoodie, opt for a pair of stretchy jeans and a soft cotton shirt. There are plenty of comfortable elastic-waisted pants and skirts, and roomy blouses and button-downs you can choose from. If you predict feeling a little chilly, a simple knitted scarf will add a bit of warmth. Black is always in trend and curating a monochromatic outfit can also help elevate your look.

Out of respect to your fellow fliers, a flight might not be the best time to experiment with heavy colognes and perfumes. A good deodorant is always appreciated though!

Airports are one of the busiest places on the planet, and you never know who you might run into. Would you want to risk the possibility of your boss or your ex seeing you in grandma’s lumpy reindeer sweater?

Even without the looming threat of exes to deal with, airports are crowded locations, and you are placed squarely in the public’s eye. While it might be tempting to throw on a ratty shirt and some sweats, studies show that we are ultimately judged and treated based on how we look, dress and carry ourselves.

A full face of makeup?

Being presentable also goes a long way towards feeling respectable. Even if you decide against a full-face of makeup, some tinted moisturiser and a bit of and a bit of lip balm wouldn’t hurt.

If you choose to wear makeup for your flight, pack some makeup wipes or micellar water in case you change your mind mid-flight. Just be sure check with guidelines on the amount of liquids allowed on-board.

What about shoes?

Debates on footwear inevitably find their way into conversations on flight fashion. Covered, secure shoes are always preferred, especially for reasons of safety. Wearing a flat-soled shoe will also help you in case you need to act fast in the event of an emergency.

Nonetheless, the question of heels still lingers on. There is no doubt a good pair heels can make you boost your confidence through the roof, if you need a little more height to reach the overhead baggage compartment, those extra inches might come in handy as well.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides to wearing heels. Having to take them off at security checks might even slow you down. If you’re already late, heels can be tough to run in. You wouldn’t want to trip and twist an ankle just when you’re about to embark on your next adventure. The blisters that result from all that movement are not pretty either.

There are plenty of other stylish options available, though. Maybe opt for some ballerina flats or some pointed mary-janes instead. If you need the extra height a pair of wedges might just do the trick!

For the guys, you might find yourself better served with wearing a pair of converse or a pair of casual suede loafers. Whatever you choose to wear in the end, make sure to leave the crocs and flip-flops at home!