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Updated May 2023

For individuals planning to travel to the UAE, obtaining a valid permit is of utmost importance. They meticulously adhere to all the prerequisites to ensure their entry into the country for various reasons. In case they have a change of plans and cannot visit the UAE to fulfill their objectives, they must cancel their permits.

If you need to cancel a UAE permit, we’ve got you covered. Our comprehensive guide covers everything pertaining to UAE permit cancellation. Continue reading to learn more.

Permit cancellation in the UAE 2023

If UAE permit holders no longer plan to use their permits, it is important for them to adhere to the proper cancellation procedure. Failing to do so can lead to avoidable problems and complications when trying to return to the country. Fortunately, the UAE has implemented an efficient and streamlined process for canceling permits. In the following section, we will delve into the steps individuals need to take in order to cancel their entry permits and work permits in the UAE.

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UAE entry permit cancellation

Upon obtaining a UAE entry permit, it is crucial to note that you must initiate your travel to the UAE within 30 days. If circumstances prevent you from doing so, it is mandatory to cancel your unused entry permit and fulfill the associated fees.

Neglecting to cancel an unused entry permit can have serious consequences, such as being barred from applying for new entry permits or visas in the future. Adhering to the regulations is vital to avoid the imposition of further bans.

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How to cancel a UAE entry permit?

To cancel a UAE entry permit, you can conveniently follow these steps on the ICP (Identity and Citizenship Portal) website:

  1. visit the ICP website
  2. register a new account or log in to your account
  3. apply for the cancellation
  4. pay the fees

Please note that you are required to be outside the UAE to cancel your entry permit. It is also crucial to correctly adhere to the transaction process to avoid cancellation of your request.

Required documents

During your cancellation process, you must provide the following documents:

  • a copy of the entry permit or visa
  • a copy of your passport
  • a message from the free zones
  • a copy of your sponsor’s Emirates ID


A cost of AED 60 is associated with your cancellation request, which includes a request fee and an electronic services fee. The payment should be made with a credit card.

Processing time

According to the information provided on the ICP website, the processing time for all cancellations is typically within 48 hours upon fulfilling the necessary requirements.

UAE work permit cancellation

In contrast to the cancellation process for an entry permit, canceling a UAE work permit requires the employer or sponsor of the employee to submit an application to the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation (MoHRE). This step is essential to initiate the cancellation procedure for the work permit.

How to cancel a UAE work permit?

The cancellation process for a UAE work permit can be conveniently completed online via the MoHRE (Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratisation) website. Below is a step-by-step guideline to assist you in canceling the permit:

  1. visit the MoHRE website
  2. login with username and password or with UAE Pass
  3. submit the application
  4. attach the required documents
  5. pay the fees

It is crucial for the company to fulfill all the worker’s entitlements and obtain the worker’s signatures on the permit cancellation form before initiating the cancellation.

Required documents

The applicants must be able to provide the following documents to cancel a work permit:

  • ministry-issued cancellation request form
  • relevant documents according to the type of cancellation:
    • cancellation of a worker outside the country: Residence visa details
    • cancellation of the work permit/visa for workers with contagious diseases: medical fitness form (unfit)
    • cancellation of an electronic work permit for a deceased worker upon receipt of a death certificate from the relevant authority
    • cancellation of the initial approval of a used work permit: both parties must sign the cancellation form
    • cancellation of the initial approval of an unused work permit: the cancellation form must include the employer’s signature only
    • cancellation of electronic work permits: both parties must sign the cancellation form
    • cancellation of a worker’s residence visa/records following an administrative deportation: Residence visa details


Essentially, the service itself is free of charge. However, establishments are required to cover the Business Centers commission of AED 72, along with any applicable tax costs and collection charges.

Processing time

The duration to process the cancellation of a work permit is two working days, according to the website.


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