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In a recent announcement, Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) revealed their plan to resume flights from Lahore to Skardu, commencing on 5 June. This decision is part of PIA’s effort to expand their domestic flight network, with a specific focus on the picturesque northern regions of Pakistan. The reinstatement of this route aligns with PIA’s commitment to improving connectivity within the country, following the directives from the Aviation Minister of Pakistan.

PIA intends to operate two flights per week on the Lahore-Skardu route, with scheduled departures on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The initiative aims to cater to both domestic and international travelers interested in visiting Skardu, renowned for its breathtaking natural landscapes and becoming an increasingly popular destination for those exploring the northern regions of Pakistan. With the growing demand, there is a possibility of increasing the frequency of flights on this route in the future.


The revival of flights between Lahore and Skardu represents the initial stage of PIA’s strategy to expand its network of domestic flights. In subsequent phases, the airline has plans to introduce flights to Gilgit and Chitral as well. Similar to Skardu, both cities are celebrated for their awe-inspiring vistas, attracting visitors who seek to immerse themselves in the splendor of these locations. The inclusion of these additional routes will provide travelers with a wider range of options for air travel and enhanced flight services.

In addition to serving travel enthusiasts, this PIA initiative is anticipated to stimulate the tourism industry in Northern Pakistan, famous for its majestic mountain ranges. The endeavor is poised to invigorate the economic sector by attracting visitors from around the world, offering unparalleled escapism and contributing to the local economy.