Delhi is a bustling city that is chaotic but has its unique character. Being the capital of India, Delhi has umpteen number of tourist places thanks to its Mughal history. This is the city that would demand your attention to finding the most delicious street foods in the old town and also the uber-cool nightlife in the new city. When you’re in a city like Delhi for just 24hours, you cannot help but brush upon only the tip of the iceberg. With so many sights to see – here’s how you can navigate Delhi for an action-packed day with what you need to do, eat and where to go.


16th Century Mughal Architecture

Humayun’s Tomb

Experience Humayun’s Tomb in the cold morning light with very less tourist around 6 am. This red-and-white mausoleum has similar architecture as the magnificent Taj Mahal and radiates the Mughal history vibes alike.


Residence of the Mughal Emperors

Red Fort

Take a taxi ride to the famous alleys of Chandni Chowk – filling up on the morning breakfast at any street side vendors that will be churning them out by the batch. One of the most widely served platters in the early morning at any of establishment is the piping hot Kachoris. Roam around the morning market and watch it come alive as the crowd starts pouring in.

Walk your way toward the Red Fort, which opens up at 9:30 am. Explore this majestic red sandstone fortress that housed an entire city during the Mughal era. Skip on a guide and roam around the many corridors


One of the Largest Mosques in India

Jama Masjid

Coming up to India’s prominent and the most beautiful mosque, spend the last hours of your morning admiring the intricate sandstone and white-marble architecture. The last structural masterpiece created under the reign of Shah Jahan, this mosque will have you spellbound with its grandeur.

Pop into Karim’s located opposite Gate 1 of the mosque for a luncheon you will never forget the taste of. This small outlet might have a decent crowd of hungry foodies during the lunch hour – but honestly, the wait will be worth it. A constant since 1913, Karim’s is the city’s most famous culinary destination that is almost synonymous to Old Delhi.


Delhi's Biggest Flea Market

Sarojini Nagar

Satisfy your sweet tooth with delicious fruit kulfi from the family-run outlet of Kuremal Mohanlal Kulfiwale at Chawri Bazaar. Choose between a variety of milk-based, fruit-based, stuffed kulfis and many more types. A refreshing way to beat the hot afternoon weather before you venture out to shop till you drop at Sarojini Market. The city’s largest largest flea market will blow your mind when it comes to high end fashion at unbelievable prices. If your bargaining skills are on point then you’ll surely be walking away with your hands full.


The wonder of the world...The symbol of love

Taj Mahal

Willing to venture on a little road trip to Agra to catch the grand Taj Mahal in the sunset hours? Book a vehicle or hop on any bus service plying the Delhi-Agra route. The Taj against the setting sun is a magnificent sight not to be missed from the centuries-old Mehtab Bagh gardens across the river. Get back on the road to not miss an evening exploring another side of Delhi.

The best time to see the majestic India Gate is by cruising along the round-about circle road after sunset when it is illuminated in all its glory. As you re-enter the city from Agra – it is a sight welcoming you to an even more vibrant Delhi that awakens after dark.


Bahá'í House of Worship

Lotus Temple

Delhi’s other significant structure is the blooming spectacle The Lotus Temple. One of the only 7 Baha’i Temples in the whole world – this architectural wonder is a sight to behold after dark. The nine pools surrounding the structure lights up with natural light till 8 pm – so be sure not to miss this!

As the sun sets on vibrant Delhi, make your way towards the Hauz Khas Complex to experience the flea markets and a platter of delicacies on offer from the many food stalls that line the street.


All day long, Delhi is a whirlwind of activities if you can keep up with its energy. India’s mind-boggling capital city needs to be planned out whether you would like to shop for textiles, visit the historic landmarks dotting the city, wander about flea markets for your shopping haul or feast on the scrumptious street food of Old Delhi – the city will take you for a ride. Are you ready?