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Wego reports that Poland’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs has announced a significant adjustment to its national visa fees. Effective 1 June 2024, the fee for national visa applications (D-type) will be raised to EUR 135. This decision comes after a recent regulation amendment issued on 21 May 2024, which aims to enhance the efficiency of visa processing procedures.

The primary objective behind this fee increase is to address Poland’s mounting migration pressure. By imposing a higher fee, the Ministry intends to ensure that visa applicants have genuine reasons for their intended visit. Additionally, the move is expected to streamline the application process by discouraging individuals with ulterior motives from applying, thereby aligning with Poland’s migration policies.

While national visa fees experience an upward adjustment, the fees for Schengen (C-type) visas will remain unchanged. However, discussions within the Schengen community suggest that there may be a future increase in Schengen visa fees—from the current EUR 80 to EUR 90—due to rising administrative costs and collaborative efforts among Schengen member states.

The distinction between Schengen and national visa fees reflects the varying privileges associated with each type. National visas grant longer stays within Poland and also allow travel throughout the Schengen area. By implementing these changes, Poland reaffirms its commitment to striking a balance between security measures and facilitating legitimate travel, reinforcing its stance on effective migration management.

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