Back in 2013, we did a study of travellers and found that the majority of you began planning your next holiday, within a couple of weeks upon returning from one. Psychological research confirming the existence of post holiday blues were somewhat eased by planning and looking forward to your next trip.

So here you go! Our New Year gift to you. We’ve created some ready-made calendars highlighting all the public holidays for 2015, that you can download, print or even use as your next profile photo should you wish. Add one or two days annual leave and connect them to either the following or previous weekend, and you’ve got a nice chunky opportunity to take a mini-holiday.

You can download your very own holiday planning calendars, like this one for Singapore, also for Australia, Indonesia, the Philippines, Malaysia, Thailand, the United Arab Emirates, Hong Kong and India.

Singapore Public Holidays 2015

Remember to pay it forward and share with your friends and family so they can plan too, and make the most of your favourite dates of the working year – holiday time!!