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Reviewed May 2024

In Qatar, the national identification card serves as a vital document for both citizens and residents. Known as the Qatar ID, this document not only proves one’s identity but also acts as a crucial means of accessing various government services and benefits.

Continue reading this Wego article as we have gathered everything you need to know about the Qatar ID, including its requirements, how to check its validity, expiry, renewal, and much more.

What is a Qatar ID?

A Qatar ID is a national identity card issued by the government of Qatar to its citizens, residents, and foreign workers. The Qatar ID serves as proof of identity, residency, and is required for various activities such as opening a bank account, obtaining a driving license, accessing government services, and more.

The card serves as a means of verifying a person’s identity and is required to be presented in various situations. The QID features the cardholder’s photo, name, QID number, birthdate, nationality, signature, and sponsor information.

The unique 11-digit number known as a QID number is used to store personal information in the government database and is required to confirm the holder’s identity and residency rights as an expatriate in Qatar.

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Where to apply for a Qatar ID?

To apply for a Qatar ID, visit the Ministry of Interior Qatar website and submit an online application. To view the requirements for obtaining an ID card, go to the “Department Services” page, select “Official Documents Services”, and then select “Qatar ID Card Request”.

What are the requirements to apply for a Qatar ID?

Below are the required documents to apply for a Qatar ID:

  • two passport-sized photos for children under 12 years old and individuals over 65 years old
  • a filled and attested application form, which can be downloaded from the Ministry of Interior website
  • original and photocopy of passport
  • blood group results
  • photocopy of birth certificate
  • photocopy of parents’ Qatar ID card
  • parental or guardian consent letter
  • physical appearance for first-time applicants
  • results of medical examination and blood typing
  • fingerprint record

Furthermore, there are additional requirements detailed below:

  • a medical examination that includes X-ray
  • blood typing
  • in the case of expat workers, the completion of any other necessary formalities and covering the cost of the ID card application by the employer

How to check my Qatar ID online?

To check your Qatar ID online, follow these steps.

Qatar ID check with QID number

  1. Go to the MOI Qatar ID Check Portal
  2. Enter your QID number
  3. Complete the captcha
  4. Click the search button

If you have typed in the incorrect QID number and did not receive any results, simply press the reset button and try again to check the status of your Qatar ID card.

Qatar ID check with passport number

  1. Go to the MOI Qatar ID Check Portal
  2. Enter your passport number
  3. Choose your nationality from the drop-down menu
  4. Click the “search” button

How can I renew my Qatar ID?

The Qatar ID naturally has a designated expiration date. Employers, sponsors, or ID holders have a 3-month grace period after the QID expires to renew without incurring a fine. Additionally, it is possible to renew the QID up to 3 months before the expiration date. After the grace period, the Ministry of Interior will impose a penalty of QR 10 per day for any late renewals.

Both online and offline methods are available for renewing your Qatar ID. However, note that renewing online is only possible for a period of 1 to 3 years. Here is a step-by-step guide on how to renew your Qatar ID.

Qatar ID renewal online

Qatar ID renewal through the MOI website

  1. Get your smart Qatar ID card ready
  2. Log in to the MOI e-services portal using your smart card
  3. Select “Residency Services” and then “Renew Residency”
    • renewal for individuals:
      • select the QID number to be renewed (up to five numbers at a time)
    • renewal for companies:
      • select the QID number to be renewed (up to twenty numbers at a time) and click “Add”
  4. Choose the renewal period for the selected Qatar ID (QID)
  5. Select the delivery option for the new residence permit or Qatar ID
  6. Pay the applicable fees
  7. You can track the progress of your renewal through this link

Qatar ID renewal through the Metrash2 app

  1. Log in to your Metrash2 account.
  2. Select “Residency Services” and then “Renew Residency”
  3. Select between Personal (individuals) or Company Residency Renewal, then click “Next”.
    • renewal for Personal (individuals):
      • select the QID number to be renewed (maximum five QID numbers at a time).
    • renewal for companies:
      • select the QID number to be renewed (maximum twenty QID numbers at a time), and click “Add”.
  4. Choose the renewal period for the selected RP/Qatar ID.
  5. Select the delivery option for the new residence permit or Qatar ID.
  6. Fill in the address where the new residence permit or Qatar ID should be delivered.
  7. Double-check the details; make sure it’s correct.
  8. Pay the necessary fees using a debit or credit card.
  9. You can track the progress of your renewal through this link.

Qatar ID renewal offline

For citizens

To renew a Qatar ID card offline, follow these steps:

  • download and fill out the application form from the MOI website
  • proceed to the Nationality and Travel Documents Department
  • present your current QID card when applying for renewal
  • submit two passport-sized photos for applicants over 65 years old
  • pay the required fees.

For expatriates

  • download and fill out the application form
  • attach the following documents:
    • copy of valid employer’s ID (Personal sponsorships)
    • copy of valid employer’s Establishment ID (Government entities, institutions, companies, and others)
  • submit the application form along with the necessary documents to the Expatriates Affairs Department

What are the fees for Qatar ID?

Residents can apply for smart IDs and select the services and their duration via this service provided by the Ministry of Interior (MOI).

  • a smart card costs QAR 100, the same fee as a traditional ID card.
  • one year of e-gate services costs QAR 100.
  • two years of e-gate services cost QAR 150.
  • three-year of e-gate services costs QR 200.

Qatar ID renewal fees

The fees for renewing a residency visa in Qatar are as follows:

  • QR 500 for spouse, children, and family sponsorships (1 year)
  • QR 1,000 for employees sponsored by companies, institutions, and shops (1 year)
  • QR 300 for employees on personal sponsorships, domestic workers, farmers, and sailors (1 year)
  • there is a 20% discount for renewing for three years for personal sponsorship, spouse, children, and family sponsorship
  • an additional fee of QR 20 is charged for selecting Qatar Post for delivery.


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