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Qatar has recently unveiled its revamped Hayya Platform, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to fortifying the tourism sector, a critical component of the country’s economy. This move aligns seamlessly with Qatar’s long-term strategic vision of positioning itself as the foremost tourism destination in the region.

The enhanced Hayya Platform presents a streamlined visa application process, catering to travelers who require a visa to enter Qatar. Visitors now have the option to utilize either the Hayya Platform or the dedicated smartphone application, granting them greater flexibility and convenience. Once the visa is granted, tourists are primed to immerse themselves in the dynamic city of Doha, having been bestowed with the prestigious title of Arab Tourism Capital for the year 2023.

Furthermore, Hayya Platform users can relish in the benefits of seamless travel and enhanced connectivity upon arrival in Qatar, as Hayya will be integrated with the e-gate entry system at the Hamad International Airport. Moreover, individuals entering Qatar via land through the Abu Samra border can capitalize on the pre-registration option available through the Hayya Platform. This facilitates expedited vehicle entry, ensuring a seamless and delightful start to their weekend getaway or extended sojourn in Qatar.

In addition to its aforementioned features, the Hayya Platform extends its services to GCC nationals, providing them with the opportunity to apply for an entry permit for their companions. Going beyond visa facilitation, the Platform offers an extensive array of supplementary amenities to enhance the overall visitor experience. These amenities encompass maps, transportation options, enticing offers, and updates on current events, delivering a comprehensive and enriched stay for tourists.