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Updated February 2024

Given that Qatar has so many attractions to offer, some visitors may find that they need a lot of time to fully see the country. To extend your stay in Qatar a little bit, it is best to be aware of when your visa will need to be renewed.

Read on as Wego offers a guide on how to extend or renew your Qatar visa online.

How to extend a Qatar visa online?

You can check if your visa is renewable here.

Qatar has simplified the visa extension process through its online Ministry of Interior portal. To renew your tourist, business, or any other type of Qatar visa:

  • visit the portal and log in with your original visa number or passport number and your nationality.
  • enter the captcha to proceed.
  • fill out the information form and select the required extension period.
  • pay the fees to complete the visa renewal request.


How to extend a Qatar visa via an offline form?

If you don’t have easy access to the internet, you can also renew your visa through the offline channel.

Download and fill out the visa extension form. Then, visit the department of the General Directorate of Passports to submit the passport, present relevant documents like passport and return ticket,  and pay the visa renewal fees.

For any inquiries, you can call 44890212.

Make sure you approach the department before your visa expires, or you will be fined QR 200 (AED 200) per day of overstay.

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How to check the status of a Qatar visa extension?

You can check your visa status and extended validity on the Ministry’s Visa Inquiry & Printing portal. Enter your original visa number or passport number and your nationality.


Qatar visa extension fee

The fee for extending or renewing your Qatar visa is QR 200 (AED 200) every month.

Requirement of medical examination

Those who wish to apply for the extension of Qatar’s family visit visa or the official visa, will have to undergo a medical examination at a Ministry of Public Health centre.

You’ll be required to present a copy of your passport and visa at the time of the examination. The results of the medical exam will be automatically sent to the Ministry of Interior by the health center.

The fee for this medical exam is QR 100 (AED 100).


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