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Updated July 2024

Are you ready to embark on a new and exciting journey? Qiddiya City is the biggest mega entertainment venue in Saudi Arabia that will take you on so many exciting attractions and experiences beyond your imagination!

Wego has noted down all that you need to know about the Qiddiya City. Keep reading to learn more!

Latest updates and news from Qiddiya City

The Qiddiya Investment Company will establish the Performance Arts Center with three theatres holding 3,000 people, expected to attract 800,000 visitors annually. The center will nurture young talents and feature retail, entertainment, dining options, and advanced technologies, hosting 260 performances each year. It will also create career opportunities in over 100 creative and cultural fields. For more details check out this article:

Qiddiya City Announced Opening of Performing Arts Center


What is Qiddiya City?

Qiddiya City is a tourism megaproject that started at the beginning of 2019.

Qiddiya will offer five cornerstones: Sports & Wellness; Nature & Environment; Parks & Attractions; Motion & Mobility; and Arts & Culture, making Qiddiya the heart of Entertainment, Sports and the Arts worldwide.

Family-friendly theme parks, sports arenas suitable for international competitions, sports and arts training facilities, musical performances and entertainment venues, racetracks for motor racing aficionados, outdoor and exploration activities, along with nature and ecosystems experiences, are just a few of the cool attractions are been established. Qiddiya will also offer a choice of residential alternatives as well as community services.


Where is Qiddiya City located?

Qiddiya City is located southwest of Riyadh on a site that covers 367 sq. km and is 45km from the capital city of Riyadh. The new city will be an hour’s drive from King Khaled International Airport.

Attractions and experiences at Qiddiya City

Entertainment options

Six Flags Qiddiya

Image © Qiddiya City

The recent announcement on 6 May 2024 mentions that Six Flags is the first Six Flags theme park outside of North America; sprawling across a massive 320,000 square meters, it is said to offer a variety of attractions that bring extreme adventure and high adrenaline levels.

The park features an overall of 28 experiences, which includes 10 thrill rides and attractions and rides and 18 exhilarating family rides. Qiddiya City claims the ride, “Falcons Flight,” will be the tallest, fastest and longest Roller Coaster on Earth. Along with this, 4 more groundbreaking rides are set to open for the public to immerse themselves in.

Water Theme Park

Image © Qiddiya City

Qiddiya City has recently unveiled the first-of-its-kind Water Theme Park, “Aquarabia,” set across 250,000 square meters. It is said to feature 22 rides and 8 themed lands inspired by Qiddiya’s wildlife. The park is also said to offer 5 groundbreaking rides, promising an exhilarating adventure. It will be the world’s only water theme park with a unique mix of dry and wet attractions and national competition-level centers for water sports enthusiasts. The park is currently under development and expected to open in 2025.

For more information, check out our exclusive news article below:

“Aquarabia” Largest Water Theme Park in the Region Launched in Qiddiya City


Gaming and Esports district 

This multi-use gaming and esports district is poised to redefine the landscape and revolutionize the industry. It’s set to host major gaming events and tournaments, positioning Qiddiya City as a global hub for living, learning, and competing in gaming and esports. This innovative space promises to be the ultimate haven for gamers, catering to both professionals and amateurs. With game-themed apartment hotels, it offers a unique opportunity to work and play within this vibrant gaming community.

The district will feature four top-tier arenas, including a 73,000-seater stadium, hosting global gaming events year-round. One venue, with a seating capacity of 5300, is set to rank among the top three esports stadiums globally and will boast the largest indoor LED screen in the esports realm. Spanning 500,000 square meters, it reserves 100,000 square meters for retail, dining, and entertainment. By aiming to draw 10 million visitors annually, it’s poised to drive the Kingdom’s ascent as a global gaming hub by 2030.

Sports & Wellness

Jack Nicklaus Championship Golf Course

The iconic Jack Nicklaus championship golf course is surrounded by the beautiful grandeur of the Qiddiya countryside and the majestic Tuwaiq mountain. The course will be created by golf’s elite and will serve as a venue for exceptional golfers to compete as well as regular golfers to enjoy the experience. Prepare to have a golfing experience like no other.

Other than that, Qiddiya also offers a grand stadium, multi-sports hub, kid sports centre, female sports centre, and aquatic centres for every visitor to experience a unique sport that encourages healthy lifestyles.

Speed Park

For those seeking an exhilarating outdoor experience like no other, Speed Park awaits you. This outdoor locale revolves around a racetrack with an FIA grade 1 certification, catering to motorsports enthusiasts and individuals who crave excitement. It offers an electrifying experience where visitors can engage in karting, passenger rides, driving experiences, and various other thrilling pursuits.

Image © Qiddiya City


Performing Arts Center

The Performing Arts Center, the Kingdom’s first multi-use premium theatre, will host a variety of activities ranging from performing arts and education programs to vocational education and regular artist programs. There’s something for everyone, whether you’re a budding artist or a seasoned professional. The magnificent venue will serve as a space for reflection, creation, engagement, and performance.

It plans to showcase 260 performances annually, both indoor and outdoor, including a unique 500-seat cantilevered amphitheatre providing city views. Modern technologies like virtual reality, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence will enhance visitor experiences. The theatres have a capacity for up to 3,000 attendees simultaneously and anticipate drawing 800,000 visitors annually.

Arts Complex

The multi-purpose space will host an array of showcases, from art displays and performances to couture and pop-up events. A variety of instructional programs and opportunities will also be available for visiting budding artists.

Festival Grounds

Located within Qiddiya’s Resort Core — a zone dedicated to entertainment – the Festival Grounds will host a variety of events, concerts, shows, and festivals. It will allow domestic and international musicians to showcase original music. Friends and families can enjoy the entertainment, all while they get spoiled by an extensive choice of outdoor eating options.

Careers at Qiddiya

Qiddiya City has established ambitious goals, one of which is to significantly contribute to creating employment opportunities in emerging industries like tourism, hospitality, and entertainment. In line with Vision 2030, Qiddiya seeks to uphold essential objectives such as promoting economic diversification, nurturing an entrepreneurial environment, empowering young individuals and women, and increasing household expenditures on domestic leisure activities and entertainment.

If you strongly desire to be part of an innovative project that can bring about positive changes in Saudi Arabia’s economy and society, Qiddiya has numerous job openings to consider. Please refer to their official careers webpage to gain detailed information about these opportunities and submit your application.


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