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Air travel from the UAE is set to become more expensive in the first week of Ramadan, which is likely to begin on 23 March. The prices of flights from the UAE to India, the UK, and the Philippines have already jumped by 10-25% from the last year, and flights to other countries too are expected to follow the trend.

Typically, flight demand is low during the initial weeks of Ramadan and increases toward Eid Al Fitr. However, this year, flight prices have already increased due to the alignment of Ramadan with school spring breaks, allowing people to take vacations starting from the beginning of the month.

Dubai travel agencies attribute the rise in flight demand to favorable weather conditions, overseas workers and students returning home, and the easing of COVID-19 restrictions.

For example, an economy class trip from the UAE to India between 21 and 30 March will now cost between AED 990 and AED 1,316, compared to AED 935 to 1,018 last year. Meanwhile, a trip to Manila from Dubai has increased to AED 2,728 from AED 1,960 in 2019, and a trip to Singapore now costs AED 2,525.

Prices for popular destinations like Bali and Bangkok have also risen by 10% to AED 4,035 and AED 3,895, respectively, for a late March trip.

Flights to the UK, the US, and other European destinations have also increased in price compared to March 2022. For instance, flights now cost AED 4,365 from Dubai to London, AED 4,835 from Dubai to New York, and AED 2,865 from Dubai to Zurich.

However, some travel agents suggest that airlines are operating more flights during Ramadan, so the increase in flight rates may not be unprecedented.

Regardless, travelers planning to go to or from the UAE around Ramadan should book their flights as soon as possible and set up price alerts to stay informed about any price drops, discounts, or new flight routes.