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Updated May 2024

The Ministry of Interior, Kuwait introduced the Rased App in September 2023 to facilitate the process of issuing fines and for traffic violations to go digital in Kuwait. This app increased transparency and controlled reckless drivers and offenders. Additionally, it efficiently regulated the traffic process.

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In this article, Wego has compiled information related to the recently introduced Rased application.

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Rased app

Launched on 1 September 2023, the Rased app allows authorities to issue fines electronically in Kuwait, facilitating the process of issuing traffic violations.

Rased app uses

The purpose of the Rased application is to streamline the issuance of traffic violations by transitioning from paper to digital format. When a traffic officer observes and records a violation, the offender will swiftly receive a notification through the application.

Furthermore, violations and fines will be communicated promptly to the violator through the “Sahel” application.

In the event of a driver contravening traffic regulations, an immediate notification will be sent to them via the government’s integrated electronic services app, known as the Sahel App. All drivers, whether citizens or expatriates, are required to adhere to traffic regulations for their own safety. They are advised to regularly visit the Ministry of Interior’s app or Sahel app to check for any registered violations.

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