Discover The Best Resorts In Dubai (In 2020)

“With its concrete jungle and steel giants, Dubai appears to many as a futuristic mirage rising in the middle of the desert. It’s a city shaped by imagination and fuelled by ambition, where there’s always something—or someone—bigger, bolder, savvier waiting to make a splash.”
“But even as it rushes toward the future and embraces cutting edge technology, the city also knows how to celebrate its past and honour traditions. The marriage between the two, in the cross-section between tomorrow and yesterday, is where you’ll find the beating heart of Dubai.”
“As a destination du-jour basking in the spotlight, Dubai is a fascinating human anthill crowded with people from all over the world, be it for pleasure, leisure or otherwise. An oasis of entertainment and business alike, this prosperous little emirate has long been a fascinating destination for foodies, shoppers, and lovers of art, fun, and the desert.”
“Calm, open, optimistic and full of energy, here you will find both simple living and futuristic luxury. While Dubai’s super-skyscrapers stand at the forefront of it all, well-informed travelers know that strolling through its labyrinth of traditional souks along the water would also provide them with enduring lifelong memories.”

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