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In a landmark move that underscores the collaborative strength of Saudi Arabia’s aviation sector, national flag carriers Saudia and Riyadh Air have inked a Strategic Cooperation Memorandum of Understanding. This expansive agreement, which includes codeshare flights, is reported by Wego as the inaugural pact between the two airlines, laying the groundwork for future collaborations.


This strategic alliance is set to bolster the aviation ecosystem in Saudi Arabia, offering substantial benefits for both domestic and international travelers within the Kingdom.

Under this partnership, guests of both airlines will have the privilege of leveraging the extensive network of each carrier. This will enable seamless transitions between flights operated by either Saudia or Riyadh Air. In addition, members of each carrier’s loyalty program will have the opportunity to accumulate points or credits when traveling on codeshare services offered by the other airline.

Plans are also underway for a broader loyalty agreement, which will allow passengers to earn and redeem points across both carriers’ networks, along with access to elite-level benefits.

As the national carriers of the Kingdom, Saudia and Riyadh Air are committed to working in unison under this agreement. They aim to implement synergies across various areas, including commercial and digital development, aviation support services, and cargo/logistics. This collaboration is designed to optimize routes and resources, thereby enhancing the efficiency of the value chain.

Further details about the benefits for guests booking flights on Saudia or Riyadh Air are expected to be released soon. This announcement is anticipated to coincide with the launch of Riyadh Air’s operations in 2025.