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As announced by the Saudi Ministry of Interior, starting from 2 June to 20 June 2024, Saudi Arabia will penalize individuals found performing the Hajj without a permit, Wego reports.

As reported, the Ministry will impose a fine of 10,000 SAR for violators, applicable to citizens, residents, and visitors in various locations, including the holy sites, the central area, and Makkah City.


Moreover, the Ministry emphasizes the severity of repeat violations, with fines being doubled for those caught performing Hajj without a permit more than once. In addition to monetary penalties, violators, particularly residents, face deportation to their home countries and entry bans into the Kingdom for specified periods.

As the annual Hajj pilgrimage approaches, the ministry calls upon all individuals to adhere strictly to Hajj regulations and instructions. By complying with these guidelines, pilgrims contribute to the smooth operation of the pilgrimage and ensure that all guests of Al-Rahman (the Most Merciful) can experience the pilgrimage with ease and comfort.