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Saudi Arabia has taken a significant stride towards bolstering its tourism sector and bolstering its national economy with the implementation of a new measure. To streamline the handling of visitors’ cases at airports, the Saudi government has introduced specialized teams called ‘Tourism Prosecution Units.’ This move aims to enhance the overall tourist experience and ensure the efficient handling of cases involving tourists.

This new initiative means that travelers can expect a more efficient and hassle-free experience at Saudi Arabian airports. With specialized Tourism Prosecution Units in place, their cases will be handled swiftly and professionally, ensuring a smoother journey and a greater sense of security while visiting the country.

Operating under the direct supervision of the Public Prosecutor, each specialized unit will take on the responsibility of managing all legal procedures and actions related to tourist cases, prioritizing swift and fair resolutions for efficient justice for all involved parties.

In line with the directive issued by the Attorney General and Chairman of the Public Prosecution Council, these Tourism Prosecution Units will be deployed at all international and regional airports across the Kingdom. The strategic deployment of these units underscores the government’s commitment to providing a secure and welcoming environment for visitors while facilitating prompt resolution of legal matters concerning tourists.

These Tourism Prosecution Units are poised to operate around the clock, bringing numerous advantages to both tourists and the reputation of the country as a secure and welcoming destination. 

To ensure the utmost professionalism, only highly proficient members of the Public Prosecution and their well-qualified assistants are eligible to be part of these specialized units. The government’s commitment to professionalism and expertise ensures that tourists’ cases will be handled with the utmost care and efficiency.