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Reviewed May 2024

Saudi Arabia has long been a popular destination for expats seeking job opportunities in the Middle East, thanks to its growing economy, favorable tax policies, and high standard of living. With a rich cultural heritage and an abundance of natural resources, Saudi Arabia offers a unique and rewarding experience for professionals from all over the world who are looking to further their careers and immerse themselves in a new and exciting culture.

Wego has summarized everything you need to know about the minimum salary and wages in Saudi Arabia in 2024. Keep reading to learn more!

Saudi Arabia minimum salary and wages 2024

In Saudi Arabia, the minimum wage for those employed in the private sector is 4000 Saudi riyals, subsidized by the Human Resources Development Fund (Hadaf).  The minimum wage for public sector workers is 3,000 Saudi riyals.

Please note that there is no established minimum wage for expats working in the private sector in Saudi Arabia at this time.

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Why Saudi Arabia is a great place to work in

There are several reasons why people might be interested in working in Saudi Arabia. For one, the country offers high salaries and tax-free income, which can be very attractive to job seekers. Additionally, there are numerous career opportunities available across various industries.

Another appealing aspect of working in Saudi Arabia is the chance to experience a unique culture and explore famous landmarks and travel destinations. All of these elements make Saudi Arabia a popular choice among expats who are looking for fulfilling job prospects and a high standard of living.

Flourishing economy

Saudi Arabia is widely recognized for its wealth and luxurious lifestyle, particularly in its oil-rich regions. It has the most developed economy of all Arab nations and is considered an energy superpower due to its plentiful natural resources. While the country’s economy was impacted by the pandemic, it has made significant strides in recovery and continues to diversify its industrial sector.

For expatriates, the allure of Saudi Arabia’s bustling cities and the high incomes and opportunities they offer may be appealing.

Abundant job opportunities

Saudi Arabia’s thriving economy offers numerous fulfilling and successful job opportunities, making it an attractive option for job seekers. Despite being a challenging job market for expats, the country is expected to continue expanding, creating new opportunities. Applicants should have the necessary qualifications and experience and be prepared to adapt to local culture and norms. With the right qualifications and mindset, working in Saudi Arabia can be a highly rewarding and financially attractive proposition.

Visa and permits

If you’re interested in working in Saudi Arabia, you’ll need to obtain a work visa first. A Saudi Arabia work visa is a necessary document for all foreign residents seeking employment in the country. The employer or company is responsible for sponsoring the work visa for their employees. This can be a Saudi corporation, an individual, or a foreign organization with the necessary permits to conduct business in Saudi Arabia.

For more information on how to acquire a Saudi Arabia work visa and work in the country, please refer to our dedicated article.

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