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Updated 9 August 2021

Vaccine passports have started to enjoy widespread use in various parts of the world as a means of mitigating the impact of the delta variant.

Saudi Arabia also employs its own version of the vaccine passport granting citizens, residents and also tourists entry to public places as well as permission to travel. So what exactly are the latest features of the Saudi vaccine passport? In which countries is it being recognized? Here is all you need to know about the Saudi vaccine passport.

What is the Saudi vaccine passport?

The Saudi vaccine passport takes the form of the Tawakkalna app which was originally conceived to support the government of Saudi Arabia’s efforts in combating the spread of the coronavirus. Initially, the app did so by facilitating the electronic issuance of movement permits during the curfew period. 

But with the advent of the vaccine passport, the Tawakkalna app’s role has evolved to include a variety of other services including facilitating the forwarding of a user’s COVID credentials to the relevant authorities in an effective manner. 

The Tawakkalna app is available for both iOS and Android.


What are the features of the Saudi vaccine passport?


As of August 9, only fully vaccinated Saudi residents will be allowed to travel abroad. This naturally renders the Tawakkalna app’s vaccination validation feature essential. The following are some of the vaccine passport’s more noteworthy features.

COVID-19 Vaccine Services. This service enables users to book a COVID-19 vaccine appointment after confirming their eligibility.

Health Passport. An important feature confirming that the user has taken all doses of COVID-19 vaccine and is now “immune”.

COVID-19 Test Services. A feature that allows users to book a COVID-19 testing appointment and view the results on the app easily.

Caution Mode. A feature allowing users to detect whether or not there is a COVID infected, exposed, or suspected person in the immediate vicinity.

Hajj Permit. The Tawakkalna app is also capable of displaying the Hajj Permit as issued by the Ministry of Hajj and Umrah.

Other services and features include:

  • Ministry of Justice Appointments
  • Gathering Permit Services
  • Electronic Movement Permit Request
  • Student Permit Services
  • Reporting Suspected Case 

You can find detailed information on other Tawakkalna app features on its official website.

Conversely, the Saudi vaccine passport may simplify the vaccine registration process required to enter Saudi Arabia. For Saudi citizens and residents, simply showing their ‘immune’ status on the app indicating that they have been fully or partially vaccinated or have recovered from the virus for a period not exceeding six months to the relevant authority will prove sufficient.


Will I need the Saudi vaccine passport to enter public places?

From the first of August, Saudi Arabia has implemented restrictions on non-vaccinated citizens and residents from entering public establishments. Such public venues include malls, shopping centers, retail stores, and markets. Additionally, residents are also required to show proof of vaccination in order to be granted entry into restaurants, cafes, barbershops, beauty salons, and many others.

However, those who are unable to get vaccinated due to valid health and safety concerns will still be able to gain access to public venues. Users with ‘exempted’ status on their Saudi vaccine passport will be afforded the same courtesy as fully vaccinated individuals extending to the ability to travel abroad and accessing public venues.


How do I register on the Saudi vaccine passport?

In order to access these services, you will need to register yourself on the Tawakkalna app. Here are the registration steps for both residents and visitors.

For residents

  • Download the app
  • Register a new user and enter the required information
  • You would receive a verification code on your mobile number registered in Absher
  • Locate your exact location on the map and answer health questions
  • Identify the sponsors and dependents in the same place of your residence (Family – Domestic workers)

For visitors

  • Download the app
  • Fill in your personal information, which includes passport number, phone number, date of birth and nationality
  • You will receive a verification code via SMS. Input the verification code
  • Create a password of 8 or more characters

Without Absher account

For those without an Absher account, you may obtain one here. Otherwise, a person can only register for the Tawakkalna app by being recommended by those with an Absher account.


Where can the Saudi vaccine passport be used? 

The Tawakkalna app is accessible in no less than 75 countries worldwide. The countries are as follows.

The Middle East and Africa

Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Bahrain, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, Algeria, Sudan, Somalia, Morocco, Tunisia, Djibouti, Palestine, Libya, Egypt, South Africa, Lebanon, Nigeria, Eritrea, Ethiopia, Mauritania.


Bosnia, Portugal, Czech Republic, Denmark, Sweden, UK, Norway, Austria, Greece, Spain, Estonia, Italy, Andorra, Ireland, Iceland, Belgium, Poland, Germany, Romania, San Marino, Slovakia, Slovenia, Switzerland, France, Finland, Cyprus, Croatia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Lithuania, Liechtenstein, Malta, Monaco, Netherlands, Montenegro, Azerbaijan.

Asia and Oceania

Indonesia, Afghanistan, Uzbekistan, India, Sri Lanka, Philippines, Bangladesh, Japan, Brunei, Singapore, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, New Zealand, Maldives.

North America

USA and Canada.