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Saudi Arabia has announced a comprehensive initiative to aid displaced citizens from neighboring countries who have been granted permission to stay and rectify their status within the Kingdom, according to a report by Wego, citing the Saudi Press Agency.

Under this new policy, the Saudi government will shoulder all government fees related to residency and employment for a period of four years. The assistance package from the Saudi Arabian government covers a wide range of expenses, including residence fees, work permit fees, service transfer fees, profession amendment fees, and charges for private sector facilities.

In addition, the government will cover all previously accrued fees and fines associated with residency regulation violations for both individuals and their companions. This extensive support is designed to simplify the transition process and provide relief for those affected, ensuring a smoother path forward.

By taking on these financial responsibilities, Saudi Arabia is demonstrating its commitment to providing essential support to displaced individuals. This initiative will facilitate their integration into the society and economy of the Kingdom. The move underscores the nation’s dedication to humanitarian efforts and its readiness to assist those in need, especially in the face of regional challenges.

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