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Updated January 2024

The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has been making continuous efforts to achieve its Saudi Vision 2030 by implementing various initiatives and schemes. In line with its goal of accommodating 100 million visitors annually, Saudi Arabia has recently introduced a new entry permit called the Saudi Instant Visa, specifically available to UK, US, and Schengen visa holders.

Continue reading to discover additional information regarding the new visa, such as the application procedure, cost, validity, and other relevant details.

Saudi instant visa

The Saudi instant visa is essentially a newly introduced e-visa entry permit granted to individuals who hold permanent residency in the United Kingdom, United States, or European Union countries, as well as those who possess valid visas from the UK, US, or Schengen Area. This visa is available regardless of the applicant’s nationality. The application process for this visa is conveniently conducted online, and upon fulfilling the required procedures and regulations, the e-visa will be promptly issued.

However, the Saudi Ministry of Tourism emphasized that this Saudi tourist e-visa cannot be used to perform Hajj or Umrah during the pilgrimage season.

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Saudi instant visa eligibility

In order to be eligible to apply for the Saudi e-visa entry permit, applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • holding a valid permanent residency in the United Kingdom, United States, or European Union countries
  • possessing a valid business or tourist visa from the United Kingdom, United States, or Schengen countries and having utilized the visa at least once
  • being a first-degree relative of a UK, US, or Schengen visa holder
  • being a first-degree relative of a UK, US, or EU permanent resident

Saudi instant visa requirements

Applicants for a Saudi instant visa must be able to provide the following documents:

  • valid proof of residence or valid visa from the UK, US or Schengen countries
  • valid passport

Saudi instant visa application process

The application process for the new Saudi instant visa is simple and streamlined. Follow the steps below:

  • visit
  • register a new account
  • log in with your temporary account
  • click ‘add a new application’
  • read the service agreement, and then click ‘agree’
  • fill out the form with your details
  • pay the visa fees
  • receive your e-visa entry permit

You can always check the application status of your visa by signing in to with your registered account.

Saudi instant visa fees

According to the available information on the MOFA website, applicants for the Saudi instant visa are required to pay a fee of USD 10.5 (SAR 39.38) for each application. This fee covers both the processing fee for the e-visa and the banking service fee. It is crucial to note that this fee is non-refundable.

Saudi instant visa validity

The Saudi instant visa is a multiple-entry entry permit that remains valid for one year. Holders of valid US, UK, and Schengen visas will be allowed to stay in the country for a maximum duration of 90 days per visit upon issuance of this e-visa entry permit.


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