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In a landmark diplomatic development, Abdulmajeed Al-Samari, the Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, has inked a pivotal agreement with his Kazakhstani counterpart, Wego has learned. The agreement, endorsed on behalf of the Saudi Minister of Foreign Affairs, stipulates the exemption of visa requirements for holders of diplomatic and special service passports from both nations.


The signing ceremony, graced by the presence of Alibek Bakayev, the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs of Kazakhstan, marks a significant stride towards bolstering diplomatic ties between the two countries and streamlining travel for diplomatic and special service passport holders.

This agreement is anticipated to augment mutual cooperation and understanding between Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan, thereby nurturing a robust partnership and laying the groundwork for prospective collaborations across various sectors.

As the landscape of international relations continues to transform, such agreements underscore the critical role of diplomatic engagement and reciprocal cooperation among nations. This development heralds a fresh chapter in the diplomatic relations between Saudi Arabia and Kazakhstan, setting an optimistic precedent for future interactions.