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In a significant move to bolster diplomatic relations, Saudi Arabia and Malta have signed a landmark agreement. The agreement, as reported by Wego, grants mutual exemption of short-stay visa requirements for holders of diplomatic and private passports from both nations.


The agreement was inked in Riyadh by two key figures: Waleed bin Abdul Karim El-Khereiji, the Vice Minister of Foreign Affairs of Saudi Arabia, and Christopher Cutajar, the Permanent Secretary at the Ministry for Foreign and European Affairs and Trade of Malta. The signing ceremony underscores the commitment of both nations to foster stronger ties and facilitate the movement of their citizens.

This visa exemption agreement is not just a milestone in travel convenience but also a testament to the friendly and historical relations that Saudi Arabia and Malta have nurtured since establishing diplomatic relations in 1972. Over the decades, the two countries have cooperated in various fields, including health, energy, and security, demonstrating a shared vision for a prosperous and interconnected world.

The new agreement is expected to further strengthen these ties by facilitating the movement of people between the two countries, thereby fostering cultural exchange, enhancing business opportunities, and promoting tourism. This development is a significant step forward in the ongoing collaboration between Saudi Arabia and Malta, and it is anticipated to bring about positive impacts for diplomatic and private passport holders from both nations.