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Updated August 2023

Saudi Arabia is planning to expand on its reputation as the recreational destination for visitors to the Kingdom. SEVEN’s entertainment destination in Tabuk, with a development value of more over $266 million (1 billion Saudi riyals), would change the entertainment landscape in the area with a variety of activities and experiences.

Here’s everything that we know so far about Saudi Arabia’s newest entertainment hub.

SEVEN Saudi Arabia news & updates

At the Municipal Investment Forum, Saudi Entertainment Ventures (SEVEN) announced the start of development on its recreational destination in Tabuk. The Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs (MoMRA) is in charge of organizing the entertainment venue, which has a development value of more than SAR 1 billion.

The US-based architecture firm Gensler created the recreational destination for SEVEN, which will be located on a land area of 40,000 square meters and more than 72,500 square meters of built-up space.

What to expect at SEVEN Saudi Arabia?

Visitors will be able to discover the space under a colourful glass canopy inspired by regional arts and customs and a cutting-edge hydroponic tower honouring the city’s contribution to the Kingdom’s agriculture.

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Visitors can expect a 4,000 square meter fully immersive family entertainment centre, a second junior family entertainment centre, and a Discovery Adventures centre with Discovery content created in collaboration with Warner Bros.

An indoor adventure golf course, a 10-lane futuristic bowling alley, an e-karting track, and a 10-screen movie theatre are also envisioned for SEVEN’s entertainment complex.

SEVEN Saudi Arabia entertainment options

Transformers experience
Thrilling, cutting-edge rides that immerse visitors in the Transformers universe’s action-packed world!

Indoor hubless wheel
Panoramic and 360 views from the top of a joyful ride at 22m high.

Discovery adventure

Indoor adventure parks are specifically designed to integrate Discovery’s media programming to blend education and entertainment in an unparalleled setting.

Indoor surf experience
In collaboration with Flowhouse, a chic eating experience can be enjoyed alongside the indoor surfing experience to learn the fun surfing skill.

Clip n Climb

Climbing activities that are exciting and enjoyable for people of all ages to stimulate the senses.

Indoor skydiving
All ages can enjoy indoor skydiving in a tunnel that is 12 meters high.

Innovative food and beverage options are offered alongside competitive bowling employing the most recent technology and an added in-game Avatar attraction.

Exhilarating and competitive enjoyment on e-karting tracks that have been specially created for visitors of all ages.

A lavish moviegoing experience that transports you through the screen and beyond.

Multi-purpose venue
The most up-to-date venue for all events and live performances.

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