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Updated 03 August 2022

Kuwait, the bustling gulf metropolis with towering skyscrapers, rich with culture and energised by modern wealth, is slowly and successfully reeling out of the pandemic and has relaxed most of its stringent quarantine measurements, and other Covid-19 restrictions.

The Shlonik app was developed by the Ministry of Health in Kuwait to monitor the repatriated citizens from abroad who are in obligatory home quarantine. Keep reading to find out more about Kuwait’s quarantine monitoring app; where to download and how you can register yourself.

What is the Shlonik app?

The Shlonik application is an interactive app launched by the Ministry of Health (MOH) in Kuwait in collaboration with the Kuwait Central Agency of Information Technology and Zain. The main aim of this application is to allow the Ministry of Health to connect with citizens and expats to deliver important information and track their behaviour to effectively combat the coronavirus spread.


Essentially, all arrivals to Kuwait are required to install the Shlonik app which would allow the relevant authorities to track their whereabouts. One of the ways the app does so is by requesting users to provide selfies randomly throughout the day to verify their location and to prove that their phone is with them.

All returnees and arrivals are obligated to download and register in the Shlonik app before entering Kuwait.

Shlonik app features and services

The Shlonik app offers a variety of features to assist users in successfully completing their quarantine period. Some of the features include the latest health updates, a self-check-in mechanism for quarantined patients, and a communication tool with a dedicated medical team.

Other features and services of the Shlonik app include:

  • Statistics and news
  • Pursuing self-quarantine
  • Directory of health centres and pharmacies
  • Medical help and medications requests
  • Quarantine countdown indicator.
  • In-App and SMS Notifications.
  • Quarantine completion certificate.

Anyone in Kuwait can use the app by downloading it and activating the Bluetooth feature. This enables users to steer clear of confirmed or suspected coronavirus cases.


How does the Shlonik app work?

The Shlonik app is linked with a smart bracelet in order to track movement and notify the health authorities in the event a user breaks the quarantine rules. This bracelet is given to the returnees upon their arrival at the airport.


The app requests the users to submit selfies randomly throughout the day to which they are examined and matched with their previously sent photos.

The Shlonik app also requires quarantined users to answer questions twice daily concerning symptoms of coronavirus such as coughs, high temperature, and shortness of breath. The interactive nature of the app also helps doctors communicate with the quarantined individuals and follow up on their health conditions.

If coronavirus symptoms are observed, the health authorities will swiftly dispatch a preventive health team to perform the necessary medical procedures and transfer the person to a hospital if the necessity arises. The Ministry of Health has trained about 100 doctors to effectively use the Shlonik app for the purpose of monitoring and following up on quarantined individuals.

Violators of the quarantine rules will be subject to accountability and could be jailed for three months or pay a fine of up to KD 5,000 (over USD 15,000) or both.

Shlonik app download

The Shlonik app is available for download on both Android and iOS. All arrivals and returnees in Kuwait have to register and download the application before boarding their respective planes.

Shlonik app registration

Registering on the Shlonik app is quite easy and can be done by following some simple steps:

  • Download the Shlonik application on your Android Play store or iOS Apple store.
  • Open the app and allow it to use your device’s Bluetooth as asked.
  • Again allow the application to send you notifications to your device as asked.
  • Select the preferred language you would like to access the app in.
  • Click on ‘proceed’ to move further.
  • Enter your Kuwait mobile number and Civil ID. The application’s new feature now allows users without a Kuwait Civil ID to register on the app using the passport login.
  • The application will send you an OTP to your registered mobile number. Enter the OTP and click on the grey spot to proceed.
  • You will now be successfully registered and will be able to access the application.

Please note you can contact 22092424 or the Ministry of Health helpline for assistance in case any issue arises with the application.

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