An account by Luyue (Intern at Wego)

Singapore offers numerous opportunities for international students. With an excellent education system, faculty and quality teaching techniques, Singapore has established itself as a haven for student-research and one of the most popular international study and work destinations.

Chinese students flock to Singapore to pursue quality education not too far away from home. I am one of them, currently pursuing my postgraduate course at the National University of Singapore.

I arrived in Singapore towards the end of 2020 and there may be changes since then, so I would recommend you to regularly check the Singapore Ministry of Health website to monitor updates on current border measures and entry procedures. Read ahead to know more about how I entered Singapore from China. 

Process to get your student pass

You will need to apply for a Student’s Pass if you are a foreigner who has been accepted and offered a place as a full-time matriculated or registered student at an institute of higher learning. 

At least 2 months and not more than 3 months before your course begin: The school will register your record on your behalf via the Singapore Immigration & Checkpoints Authority (ICA) SOLAR system. Students will be required to submit “eForm 16” and complete the data items in the electronic form accurately, as no amendments are allowed after it has been submitted.

Within one week after applying: If your Student’s Pass application is approved, you will receive an In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter.

Approximately a month before your courses begin: You need to take a medical examination, and a qualified doctor can medically examine you in your home country. (The validity of your medical report is 6 months, so be careful not to do it too quick)

After entering Singapore: You are required to report for off-site enrolment as scheduled for completion of formalities. If your school does not have off-site enrolment, you can also make an e-Appointment at On the day of your appointment, bring the necessary documents and get your student pass.

Process to get Entry Approval Letter: 

Approximately two months before departure: Declare your travel plans in the Overseas Travel Declaration (OTD) system before you can proceed with online Registration (Part One). Information includes when you will arrive in Singapore and when you will take off, among other details. Once you have submitted the tentative arrival date in the OTD system, the EA application process will commence approximately three weeks prior to your departure. 

3 Weeks before departure: You will receive an email from the  NUS Entry Approval Team. You will be asked to apply for your entry by completing the form created by them within three days of receiving the email.

Several days before departure: You will receive your approval for the entry letter from the Ministry of Education Singapore.. This will be valid for Entry into Singapore within certain days, and the departure time you submitted before will be in the middle of this period.

Three days before departure: All travelers are required to submit their health declaration to ICA via the SG Arrival Card e-Service that also comes with a health declaration function before arriving in Singapore.

Before departure: Inbound travelers (including Singapore citizens, permanent residents, and long-term pass holders) who are required to undergo a Covid-19 PCR test upon arrival in Singapore at the airport must pre-book and pay for the test. 

Please note that the customs will be checking the following documents, so make sure that they are printed in advance:

  • In-Principle Approval (IPA) letter
  • Entry Approval letter 
  • SG Arrival Card