Singapore, 22nd October 2020.

The availability of halal food and Muslim friendly amenities play a key role in destination choice for Southeast Asia’s Muslim travellers, a recent study launched by Pear Anderson and Wego has revealed – but it has also shown that safety and value for money are of primary importance for new normal travel.

The report, which examined Indonesian and Malaysian Muslim travellers’ travel needs and travel readiness, identified key trends in the region:

  • 100% of Indonesian Muslims thought safety was important when choosing a destination, whilst 100% of Malaysian Muslims thought value for money was important
  • The importance of the availability of halal food to choose a destination was 91.1% (Indonesia) and 92.5% (Malaysia)
  • The majority of respondents are planning at least 2 domestic trips between now and the end of 2020 (71.6% Indonesia, 74.6% Malaysia)
  • 100% rated health and safety protocols an important factor for selecting accommodation
  • Tasting the local, authentic cuisine is important in a destination. 58.4% of Indonesian Muslims and 46.0% of Malaysian Muslims rate it “very important”
  • Travelling in multi-generational family groups is preferred
  • Indonesian and Malaysian Muslims are planning travel to Southeast Asia, Europe and North/ Northeast Asia over the next 3 years

“These results challenge the concept that attracting Muslim travellers is difficult,” Hannah Pearson, director of Pear Anderson, said. “In the ‘new normal’ travel, destinations and accommodation will be selected based on hygiene protocols, safety and value for money, and this is no different for Muslim tourists. However, Muslim friendly amenities and halal certified restaurants are still important – and are a valuable way to stand out from the crowd. For instance, 89.5% of Indonesian Muslims and 95.2% of Malaysian Muslims said that they would be more interested in an attraction if they knew it had Muslim friendly facilities, so this definitely represents an opportunity for travel stakeholders.”

Nina Kubik-Cheng, Vice President, Asia Pacific, Wego, said: “Muslim travel is one of the fastest growing segments in the industry, and a rapidly increasing number of Muslim Millennial travelers in Indonesia and Malaysia are looking forward to exploring new destinations when travel is possible again. Muslim travel represents great potential to travel industry providers who choose to seize the opportunity and adapt to the specific needs that make Muslim travelers feel welcome and comfortable to travel.”

Read and download the complete report here.

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Pear Anderson are a boutique tourism industry consultancy firm, experts in Southeast Asian tourism. They partner across the spectrum of tourism-related organisations to build a lasting foundation in these markets, providing sales representation, unique insights, research and training. The global Muslim travel segment is a core specialisation and Pear Anderson provide unique insight and access to this lucrative segment.


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